Duck pancakes with Hoisin sauce


Pancakes with crispy Peking duck and Hoisin sauce seems like the perfect Chinese dessert. This is exactly how to eat dessert like the Chinese royalty of the Yuan Dynasty.

In the Yuan and Qing dynasties, spring pancakes were wrapped around a filling that included Peking duck, pork, or chicken. In addition, sugar, walnuts, cucumbers, leek and other ingredients formed part of the filling.

Yes, there are many ways to enjoy a Peking duck. You can roast it, steam it or even boil it. Alternatively, you can use it to make the best dessert if combine it with other ingredients.


The Peking duck

Peking duck is a national symbol of China. Locals, diplomats as well as tourists, favour it. Henry Kissinger, the most famous American Secretary of State who established formal relations between Beijing and Washington, ate Peking duck during his first trip to China.


Hoisin sauce

This is one of the ingredients for the pancake. This thick and pungent sauce is common in Chinese cuisine. This sauce will add an authentically Chinese flavour to your pancake. It also thickens the colour. Many grocery stores have this sauce. Search for it in the section of the store that has ethnic foods.


Making the pancakes

You will need flour and water to make the dough for the pancake. After you form the dough, roll it into small thin pancakes. Then, gently dry fry them in a non-stick pan followed by steaming them for two minutes. Find a half piece of cucumber and cut it in half across the length. Remove the soft part of the middle and cut it into matchsticks.

You will also need a leek. Wash it, cut in half and shred finely. Finally, remove meat and skin from a finely cooked Peking duck. Thinly slice both the meat and the skin.

On each pancake, place a piece of cucumber, leek and some duck meat and skin. Also, add 1 teaspoon of Hoisin sauce. Roll up everything and serve. Savour one of the best Chinese pancakes made of Peking duck, Hoisin sauce, cucumber and other tasty ingredients. You will surely enjoy this!

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