What does a Psychiatrist do?


Now, the first thing that you need to understand is that psychiatrists are a special type of doctors who specialises in the treatment of specific mental disorders. They are physicians who are going to properly evaluate, place differential diagnoses and treat patients who are affected by chronic or temporary issues with their brain.


Busting misconceptions

Now, contrary to what a lot of people tend to believe, psychiatrists do not deal only with “crazy” people. This is a very popular and widespread misconception and a significant distortion of the truth. People who suffer from certain delusional conditions are just a fraction of the patients who can benefit from consulting with a psychiatrist in Singapore. As a matter of fact, a lot of people have temporary psychiatric issues which could just as well be treated in full if they decide to take advantage of a psychiatric visit and treatment.


So, what does the psychiatrist do?

Well, even though the location of the issue might be in the brain, this doesn’t necessarily mean that a psychiatrist is going to treat it. For instance, these doctors do not deal with structural as well as organic conditions like epilepsy. This is a doctor who is going to treat a significant range of different mental disorders which range from temporary and mild to chronic and severe. Depression, for instance, could be treated with the help of psychotherapy and it’s not always going to require medication.

In any case, you need to be well aware that unlike psychologists, psychiatrists in Singapore are capable of prescribing medication. This is because they would usually deal with a chemical imbalance on a brain level, which is definitely something that you should keep in mind of. Make sure to consult a doctor of the kind should you have any worries in this regard.

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