How to start designing an escape room with your classmates?

Being a part of a social circle is vital to any human being because it gives you a sense of belonging and makes you feel loved. Your social groups play a huge part in contributing to who you are or whom you will turn out to be in future. If your friends are a positive influence, it will rub off on you, and if they are the wrong company, it will affect you one way or another.

One fantastic way to have fun with your friends is challenging yourselves with an escape room. Escape rooms are an ideal group activity to bring you together and have fun. Moreover, you can organise your escape room at your convenience. Here are a few tips.

Appropriate theme
A good escape room must have a good and exciting theme. Look for an escape room singapore that has elaborate ideas like a zombie apocalypse, science laboratories, and even royal palaces.

However, for your class, you may not want to make it such a distinct theme because then it will be a walk in the park with little fun. If the players are medicine students do not put them in a science lab; they will know what to expect and solve the clues in no time.

Play to your strengths
As the organiser of the game, you should be the most knowledgeable person so that the players do not find it too easy. Keeping some cards to your chest can allow you to spring a surprise on your peers.

Your unique taste is what will guide you to place clues in the escape room. As apparent as the theme will be to members of your class, your ingenuity will be what makes it different to any other game that can be organised by your classmates.

Hide the clues & provide hints
You might not be a professional escape room designer, but you know the basics of an escape room: it must have clues hidden carefully. Hiding the clues does not mean you make them impossible to find, because that means no one will complete the challenge and it sucks the fun out of the game. Also, make sure you have a set of hints to provide to the players. Again, make sure the clues are not too revealing. The clues should provide direction and guidance, and sometimes confuse the participants a little. This will give the game some spice.

Proper research is the foundation of any project you want to undertake, from school projects to organizing events and even games like the escape room. When you research, you cover aspects of the game like the theme you will use, the clues you will offer and the people coming to play your game. You have to know what your friends would like and have fun while at it. Get the views of different people and incorporate their ideas into your game. It is also a good idea to get someone to help you.

Adequate props
Depending on the theme, you settle on; you will require adequate items to make your escape room as realistic as possible. Props have to be specific to your theme. If it is a science lab type of theme, you can get some lab equipment and provide the players with some lab coats and stethoscopes. You can also use these props to hide hints and clues for the players to find.

There you go. With these tips, you will create the perfect escape room with an ideal balance of fun and challenge for your classmates. Let the players feel they had the best escape room experience in Singapore and they will always look forward to the next escape room experience.

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