How To Successfully Revamp Your Kitchen

From marketing campaigns to value-added service, the food and beverage industry has a variety of ways to provide customers with innovative dining experiences. Remodelling of kitchens for instance, is one of the ways. Whether it is replacing kitchen equipment or trying out energy-efficient equipment, listed below are four tips to successfully remodel your commercial kitchen.

Replacing older equipment

Not only will they increase productivity, new kitchen equipment allows restaurateurs to save a considerable amount of energy (read: saving on bills). This is especially important for ventilation and cooling devices.

Use LED light

As 7% of restaurant energy is consumed by exterior or interior lighting, it is advisable to replace the light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs. Although they are slightly costly, these LED bulbs are twenty times more durable and consume just one-tenth of the energy.

Be energy efficient

Hot water usage for instance, accounts for almost six percent of the energy bill. Hence, options that will help save energy are highly advisable. For example, energy-efficient devices like dishwashers, sink fixtures and install solar water heating system can help to save a lot of energy. Also, do not forget to install energy saving refrigeration system, which saves thirty percent of utility cost on an average. Installing door caskets, case lighting system with motion sensors, and overhauling the heat coils for proper airflow are some other changes that you can indulge in.

The remodelling of kitchen does not necessarily require an overhaul of the space. In fact, there are a variety of other ways to do so while keeping within the budget.

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