7 Hydrating Face Masks That Will Help To Revitalize Your Skin

No matter your skin type, our skin always needs adequate moisture and hydration. The environment is constantly taking a toll on our skin, especially with how long we spend in a day in air-conditioned offices, shopping malls or even in our own homes. Our skincare routine should also address these needs to regain the hydration for our skin.

Hydrating face and sheet masks are some of the things to buy in Singapore to incorporate in your beauty regime. It delivers a boost of hydration for days when you need it and your skin will appear plumper, healthier and more hydrated. If your skin is feeling dry and dehydrated, check out some of the best hydrating facial masks below.

Farmacy Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask

Packed with honey, propolis and royal jelly, this mask delivers an intensely moisturizing combination while keeping inflammation at bay. The jam-like texture warms up gradually upon application and turns into a rich cream as you massage it in, leaving your skin revitalised.

Fresh Rose Face Mask

Infused with real rose petals, this gel mask hydrates and tones dull, tired skin for a healthy-looking complexion. It is formulated with a “smart” algae that targets dry areas to deliver optimum moisture when your skin needs it most. Aloe Vera gel and cucumber extract also help to soothe and provide calming effects to the skin.

For Beloved One Hyaluronic Acid GHK-Cu Moisturizing Bio-Cellulose Mask

This hydrating bio-cellulose mask features very fine fibres smaller than our pores to allow maximum contact for optimal absorption of the essence. It is packed with plumping petites and minerals aided to energise and revive the skin. The sheet mask also acts like a protective layer that prevents water loss, making it a moisturising indulgence to pamper yourself with.

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

This popular Korean sleeping mask still enjoys its cult-favourite status, for good reasons. Perfect for stressed, dull and tired skin, it has a unique cocktail of ceramides, Snow Water, beta-glucan and its Sleep-Tox™ and Moisture Wrap™ technology that helps purify the skin and retain moisture throughout the night.

Pixi Nourishing Sleep Mask

This overnight mask works to seal in a veil of moisture while you sleep. It is formulated with soothing fruit and flower oils, and hydrating hyaluronic acid to leave the skin feeling silky-smooth and more plump-looking. A quick tip, you can also use this for in-flight to lock in moisture!

Kiehl Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Mask

Applied before bed, this face mask instantly boosts the skin’s ability to retain moisture for sustained hydration. It is formulated with Ophiopogon Japonicus Extract, as well as glacial proteins and desert plant extracts, to repair dry and dehydrated skin. You’ll wake up in the morning to softer, suppled skin that is nourished.

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask

Another cult-favourite in this list, this award-winning sheet mask immerses your skin in intense hydration and combats dullness and uneven texture. It is packed with an abundant concentration of pitera, a bio-ingredient rich in minerals, amino acids, vitamins, and organic acids to enhance skin cell renewal.

When shopping in Singapore, you can always add hydrating facial masks to your list and skincare routine. No matter your skin type, the extra boost of hydration and moisture retention is always beneficial for a healthier, happy skin.

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