5 Tips To Keep In Mind When Picking The Right Leather Sofa

Out of the many materials, people tend to lean towards leather when it comes to sofas, chairs and footstool coverings. Well, it is of no surprise as leather gives a luxurious and opulent look, not to mention, it is also a durable material. It can also match with your dream sideboard.

The problem that many home users usually face is how it comes available in all sorts of textures, coatings and grains, which can make choosing a suitable leathering covering difficult. But don’t worry, just because its hard, doesn’t mean its entirely impossible.

Below, we have prepared a list of tips to help you decide on buying the right 3 seater leather sofa for your home.

Consider the cost of leather

When you’re out to get leather, you’ll notice that the retailer will start offering different grades of leather. And what you should know is that the higher the grade, the more expensive it becomes.

However, the grade does not necessarily relate to the quality of the leather. Leather that is used for upholstery is typically made of one quality. The grades are added based on the finishing process used when tanning is completed. And often you may have to compromise with ease of maintenance or appearance while choosing the leather.

Know the leather varieties used in furniture

Now that you know the cost of leather, you should be aware of the variety of leather types that you can find within online furniture shop so that you’ll pick the right one in the future.

Pigmented leather

This is highly durable and has a coating of polymer that can be plain, printed or embossed. The coating layer provides excellent resistance to fading, scuffing and soiling.

Aniline leather

If you want leather with its natural look, aniline leather is a good choice. It does not have pigment or polymer coating.

Usually, it may have a non-pigmented coating to safeguard it from soiling and spillages. Though it may be a pretty good choice, special maintenance is needed for this type of leather so get it only if you can take care of it properly.


This type of leather is more durable than the aniline type but has the same natural look as aniline leather. The added surface coating has a minor degree of pigment to ensure excellent finish, durability and protection.

Consider the durability of leather

Leather sofa, if exposed to heat and sunlight, can fade and dry, especially when the leather is made up of aniline or semi-aniline.

Fully finished or pigmented types do not usually face this problem, but too much exposure to sunlight can cause natural oil in the leather to dry, making it stiff and prone to cracking.

Maintaining leather sofas

As leather is water resistant, it easy to clean any form of spillage. Additionally, it does not accumulate dust so you need not dust or vacuum it regularly as you often do for other types of upholstery like fabric.

Any scuffs that form with use on the leather will also add to its character and make it more authentic and appealing. However, too much of it can be rather unappealing. But don’t worry, it is not impossible to get rid of it. All you need is some sandpaper and colourant and you can easily keep the scruff hidden.

If you intend to buy light coloured leather covering like creams or ivory then you should be careful as they are more prone to stains and dirt as compared to dark coloured leather sofas.

Get bonded leather if you’re on a tight budget

If you are looking for an affordable choice in leather without compromising its feel and appearance, then bonded leather is the right way to go. Bonded leather is much cheaper than actual leather as it is made up of real leather scraps and polyurethane.

Despite its different material proportions, bonded leather looks exactly like real leather. Though actual leather is always the best choice, there’s no harm in choosing bonded leather if you’re tight on cash.

When chosen right, a leather sofa can be amazingly comfortable, particularly when they have soft cushioning and sturdy supporting frames. You will get to enjoy maximum comfort and also be able to acquire a sofa with high durability that requires minimal maintenance.

Afterwards, you’ll find that relaxing on a leather sofa will become your favourite past time ever.

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