Features To Consider When Investing In A Leather Sofa

Choose your cushion filling

Leather sofas can have different types of cushioning, which will give them a different feel. Usually, the types of cushion filling encountered are synthetic filling, feathers and down. This last one is in general the most expensive one and is only present in premium leather sofas.

Some brands also choose to go for a blend of filling materials to reduce costs while keeping a good quality. A good leather sofa will often have a blend of feathers and down as a cushion filling.

Get the best design for your space

The design of your leather sofa is a paramount characteristic to take into account before buying. Asses the space you have to fit the new sofa. How large can it be? How many people need to be able to fit at the same time?

Considering whether an L-shaped sofa would be a good fit is also important. Is there enough space for that? Sometimes, our Singapore apartments are too small to fit such a thing.

Decide on the extras

Last but not least, leather sofas can come with a few extras that can make a significant difference in your experience using it – and the price. These can include lumbar support, reclining back and headrests, or the option to convert the sofa into a bed for when guests come around.

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