Indoor Team Bonding Activities You Will Absolutely Love

The most successful teams are ones that take the time and effort to bond, both in and out of work.

However, you cannot force people to come together and expect them to be friends. Even with the help of the right team building activities, you can’t get the everyone to buy into each other so simply.

Building friendships take a lot of time, effort, and commitment, to achieve a bond to work together and bring out each other’s best qualities.

Below, you’ll find plenty of ideas for team building activities that can foster friendship within the workplace, and ultimately, make the office as productive as it can be.

1. Sales pitch

Not everyone has the talent or ability to be a natural-born salesperson. It is a skill that a person gains in their life, and like every skill, you need to learn it.

In the office, a sales pitch is a team building game that everyone can participate in. The game is relatively simple as all they have to do is make a sales pitch based on whatever random object they have on hand.

Make a rule where each person to come up with a name, logo, and motto. Make sure there is everything necessary to make the product look like they’re trying to sell it. Afterwards, have them deliver at least a minute-long presentation on why that product is worth buying.

Encourage everyone to raise their hands if they want to buy the product. Use this to keep score of the best-selling products. At the end, take a look at whose pitch incited the most interest and to understand why it is the product sold the most. Some questions to ask could be; Was it because it was presented well? Was it because of who presented it?

This type of team activity allows each person to participate and share their opinions, giving everyone a chance to see things from a different perspective at one time.

2. Come up with a bad idea

Most meetings involve finding a solution to a problem or trying hard to come up with a good idea, but what if they were encouraged to come up with a bad idea instead? Better yet, what would happen if everyone was encouraged to compete with each other?

This idea might sound ridiculous but fostering discussion and making each person in the office feel valued can go a long way towards coming up with an actual solution for any problem.

3. Volunteer as a group

Not really an ordinary team building activity, but a suggestion for you to try. Engage the entire office to offer help for the benefit of people in need.

Volunteering doesn’t have to be extravagant. It can be something as simple as organising a drive and giving away food for the less fortunate.

Doing this is a great way to strengthen your teamwork and bring them closer together.

4.The trust fall

This team building activity may be as old as time, but it’s also very effective.

By helping co-workers develop trust in each other, you also help encourage communication and collaboration, both of which are crucial components towards building a productive workplace.

5. Escape Rooms

Participating in an escape room may seem like a weird idea for a team building activity. However, escape rooms teach one patience, teamwork, wit, knowledge and time management. All qualities which can also be applied in your office or even in your daily lives.

With co-workers learning how to solve puzzles and how to escape the room together, it provides a good challenge for everyone. Escape rooms in Singapore are a highly-sought after activity that should not just be for a small group of friends. Give it a try and reap the benefits!

So, what are you waiting for? Your company doesn’t have a lot to lose. In fact, there’s a lot to gain from these activities. If nothing else, this mix of ideas of some outdoor and indoor team building activities, is a great way to infuse some fun into the workplace while building strong bonds.

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