The Importance Behind Team Building Planning Together

It is finally the end of the year, and you can’t wait to break for the holidays. After all, you all deserve it after so much toiling and working together to bring the best out of your team. When you look at your balance sheet, it has been a worthy course. You feel a sense of satisfaction and gratitude. All your employees worked tirelessly to bring out the best for your company. It has not been an easy time, but they all did their best. But that’s it for the year.

You have more to think about and plan as you welcome the New Year. But before you call for boardroom meetings and start drawing your strategic plan, take the time to think about the people responsible for such success; your employees. And there is no better way to end and start another year than organising a team activity.

It is time to check around for some of the corporate team building games in Singapore that you can undertake to make the team feel appreciated. But your good intentions can go wrong if you do this all alone. So why do you need to work closely with your team when planning for such an activity? Here are the reasons.

Avoid Surprises

Surprises are pleasant, and they can work well with your team. However, not everyone likes them. You need to understand your team members to know whether they are the kind that like surprises. You could decide to take your team to the polar region for instance only to realise half of them are allergic to cold. Or decide that one of the team building activities that they will undertake is mountain climbing. But a quarter way through, they are all out of energy since they did not take the time to build endurance. You can avoid such setbacks by working closely with your team. Let them know what to expect. This will also help them dress to the occasion.


You can go out of our way to plan for the team, set aside a considerable budget only for them to give you all manner of excuses as to why they will not attend. How will you feel? Bitter, let down and probably even threaten to downsize. You can avoid such emotional meltdowns by working with them. Rather than taking the steering, take a back seat and watch as your team plans. Yours is to offer guidance and let them deliver. That way, they will take ownership of the process and take pride in their achievements. They will go out of their way to make it a success.

Better Options

You could be the business owner, but that does not mean you know everything. No one is a custodian of knowledge. You may think you have the best ideas when it comes to such events. However, giving your team space to contribute will show you how much archaic your ideas could be especially with the young workforce. Involving them in the plans will also show you some of the ideas that you couldn’t possibly think of when planning. After all, your team has worked to deliver excellent results. Trust them to end the year in style.

Talent Recognition

Some of the best talents go unrecognised. Not because they are not willing to show them off but because they have no room or opportunity to show what they can do. You will be surprised at how much talent you have under your feathers, yet it is underutilised. You could also learn some of the soft skills of your employees. Such skills will help you match each of them with the best roles. The results? Better performance.

Planning for your team’s events could be a game changer for the coming year. It could also mean breaking the strong bond that exists amongst your staff. A wise manager or business owner delivers through employees. Do not be a one man’s show kind of employer. Take a back seat and watch how great your team can plan your team building events.

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