How You Can Challenge Yourself And Develop Your Mind

What do you like games? Is it only to satisfy your urges to play or do you play to develop your mind? If the answer is yes to the latter question, then you must have known that there are games which are better in developing mental capabilities than the others. The fact that these games improve your level of thinking does not mean that they are not as captivating as the common games. In fact, some of these games involve physical activities thus they develop the body, mind and soul.

People with high intellectual capacity are higher than average has something in common; they like challenges. The quickest way to challenge yourself is to play a captivating game.

Below are three games which are loved by intelligent people throughout the world.


The chess game is not for the faint-hearted. In fact, many people do not pick interest in this game if they are not smart in the head. To play this game, you have to think steps ahead of your companion. Since you cannot know for sure what your play partner is up to, you have to pursue all the possible outcomes of every move they make. You also have to do that in the time given because a timer will be ticking immediately your turn to play starts.

If you play chess daily, you will realise great improvement on your judgment and patience.


If you fancy playing a game when alone, then you should try Sudoku game. You do not need a companion to play this game unless you want. Sudoku is like a crossword puzzle, but it demands more mental input than the crossword puzzle. To play Sudoku well, you have to know many English words and at the same time, be familiar with riddles. It is a well-known fact that when you play Sudoku, your neuroplasticity increases thus you become smarter than before.

Escape Room Game

Necessity is a mother of innovation. The intelligent people did not just find themselves smart. They challenged their mental capabilities to be what they are today. If you are placed in a room whereby you have to look for clues to get out, you will expand your mind as you figure out how to get out on time. If you do this severally, your IQ will increase because of constant challenging your mental capabilities. That is the reason why the escape game in Singapore is synonymous with intelligent people who want to challenge themselves.


Everyone has a reason for playing games. Some do it to pass the time while others are addicted to games. Just like how a physical game can improve on your body, a mental game also develops how you use the mind. Playing mental games is thus like exercising the mind. With time, you will realise that you are smarter than you were before you started playing the mental games. The above three games are known to challenge the intellect, and thus they are very famous with smart people.

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