A Guide To Improving Employee Productivity

Have you ever tried working in an uncomfortable and uninviting workspace? It was saddening, wasn’t it? It’s hard to stay productive in a workplace where everything just feels so drab and down. On the other hand, an empowered workplace, one that’s been designed for maximum productivity with a positive environment where all employees love working, makes it relatively easy to stay productive and focus on the task at hand – even if you’re constantly facing tight deadlines.

Avoid having a drab work office environment by following these tips.

1. Use color with a purpose

Colors are some of the most subtle ways you can nudge your employees and your office towards the path of productivity.

The psychology behind colors is important. Some encourage calmness and serenity, while others have been known to bring out hunger and all sorts of emotions. Make sure that your office is cleverly designed and colored for a positive purpose – use the proper shades that help your office pop up with life without being too distracting.

Colors such as blue, red, green, and yellow have been known to help increase employee productivity, depending on the purpose.

Also, you don’t always need to repaint your office to give it a splash of color. You can try using different lobby furniture, or simply add accent pieces to that same effect.

2. Invest in proper furniture

Your desks and your chairs are your two best friends when it comes to offices. You sit and work on them for hours on end and for years at a time.

So, it’s only natural that you want them to feel comfortable and nice.

Unfortunately, many companies don’t think that they’re worth the investment. That’s not true. For a productive workspace, make sure that the desks are of high quality, do not wobble, and have enough space for all the paperwork. Meanwhile, chairs should have sufficient back support, an adjustable height and back angle, as well as possess the right dimensions to be used properly for the desk they will be paired with.

While they may cost your company quite a bit of money right now, the long-term benefits will far outweigh the upfront costs.

3. Take the office out for dinner or group activities

Most companies believe that team building activities always need to be planned or, if not, expensive. But, that’s not true.

The thing is, something as simple as a spontaneous escape room trip, can do wonders for office morale.

There are various things that you can do as a group that don’t involve a lot of planning or spending. You can go out for dinner, watch a movie, or even plan a company dinner every Friday night before everyone heads home.

For superiors, something like ordering a pizza for everyone during crunch hour when working on tight deadlines, can help make employees feel like they are valued and are part of something bigger than themselves.

Remember, never underestimate the kind of impact that simple changes like changing furniture, or the color of the office walls, or going to an escape room in Singapore, can have on office productivity.

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