Common Factors Which Contribute To Pest Infestations

Pests, while being a nuisance to us, are also a major threat to the food in a restaurant and ultimately, the health of a customer. Therefore, keeping your restaurant free from pests is very important. Pests can infect prepared food and stored food alike and could seriously harm the reputation of a restaurant, especially with strict laws applicable to restaurants in Singapore.

It is, therefore, important to understand the factors that contribute to pest infestation so these can be addressed and managed appropriately.


Pests of all nature like garbage. They love to feed on food items in the garbage and may be attracted by the smell. Not having sufficiently cleaned garbage cans is one of the sure-fire ways of knowing that the pests are coming. Similarly, not having the garbage can made of steel or plastic (to repel pests and provide an airtight storage solution) could lead to an excessive pull for pests into a location.

Not Cleaning Regularly and Properly

Garbage or trash isn’t just in garbage cans, however. It may be lying all around the restaurant if not cleaned properly. Therefore, it is very important to have regular and timely cleaning schedules, so that garbage doesn’t pile up on the restaurant floor, tables, fittings and dishes. Clean environments not only help reduce the factors contributing to pests, but it also helps your Singapore customers feel better and at a higher level of convenience.

Standing Water

Pests need water to stay alive and are, therefore, very much in need of water frequently. Since most insects cannot drink through running water, they would go towards any place where water is standing. This could be due to leaks around corners and walls, a visible faucet or water around the place where water faucets are usually expected to be used, such as a sink or washroom. It is a necessity to keep dry all places where water is not needed. This will usually involve cleaning up places where any water was poured and is no longer needed or where it splatters by mistake or as a result of the normal operations of the restaurant.

Lack of Physical Barriers and Repellents

When there is an open way to enter, pests will come without hesitation. Therefore, it is very important to not invite pests by introducing physical barriers such as door nets and to use repellents to keep the pests from trying to enter your restaurant. This can be done using many of the sprays available through restaurants pest control companies in Singapore.

As a restaurant owner, if you are able to take charge of these factors, you can be sure that you have a certain degree of control over the pest infestation. Most of the remedies are something you would be doing anyway to keep your restaurant flowing with customers; it had the added benefit of preventing and responding to the pest infestation. However, to add a layer of added protection when handling pest infestations, it’s advised that you hire professional pest control company in Singapore.

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