Couch Potato? Why To Avoid Sleeping On Your Couch Overnight

Sometimes, there’ll be days where you’re so tired that you just can’t muster the energy to make it to your bed. In such cases, your couch presents itself as a viable option.

After all, it’s still large enough to fit your body, if only barely, so, why not sleep on it, right?

But, the truth is, your couch isn’t a place you should be sleeping in. It should only be used for sitting or lounging.

If you need a good reason why you shouldn’t sleep on a couch, and make it a point to always sleep on a single mattress in Singapore, then here are a couple.

1. Ideally, you should sleep in a surface that gives your body enough room to move while also being capable of giving it the necessary support, regardless of your preferred sleeping position. Unfortunately, that’s not something you can achieve with a couch. Couches are often too small for your body to have any room to move. Not to mention, the surface of most couches are either too hard or too soft, which can throw your spine out of its natural alignment, resulting in you waking up with a few aches and pains.

2. Most couches are made out of materials that are not ideal for sleeping. While it may depend on the actual material itself, you can expect the couch to be too warm or too cool to get any good amount of sleep. Although you can try and fix this by topping the couch off with a comfortable sheet and bedding, the lack of space is still a huge problem.

3. Sleeping on a couch also means that you’re subjecting your body to an unnecessary amount of stress. If you do this every night, then the amount of stress on your body can force it to go through substantial changes, the majority of which is not good for your body in the long term. This includes disk and joint degeneration, as well as chronic back pain in worse cases.

The sofa or couch itself isn’t also the only reason why you shouldn’t sleep on it. Because of where it’s placed, the environment itself may not be conducive to sleep.

The living room isn’t exactly your bedroom – the temperature is different and the brightness can mess with your natural sleeping rhythm. Also, if you live with other people, then you risk being woken up in the middle of your sleep when you start going about their day.

Then there’s the fact that your couch is located just right by television. Many studies have shown that screen time before going to bed can make it difficult to fall sleep. Being so close to the television can make it so tempting to binge-watch as you wait for yourself to fall asleep, which is actually counter-productive because you’d be better off sleeping on your bed.

If you’ve been having second thoughts regarding investing your money on a quality pocket spring mattress and you’re content on sleeping on the couch, then you might want to reconsider. Your couch isn’t your bed, and it shouldn’t be – your body deserves to relax and feel comfortable on a good quality bed on a regular basis.

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