A Guide To Shopping For Sports Gear In Singapore

When visiting a new country, either for holidays or for a business trip, you are expected to take back something that reminds you of that country, even if it is not some local delicacy, a souvenir or a gift for your special someone. So, if you have plans to visit Singapore soon, you should start making your list in case you forget a few of these things out.

Shopping in Singapore may be more expensive than shopping in your home country, but if you are a sports buff or an avid trainer, you will love the sports gear the country has to offer, and that too at affordable prices when compared to home. If you do your research, you will find most people recommending others to buy sports shoes and other gear when visiting Singapore because you not only get quality stuff, but you get them at cheaper prices.

Branded Joggers And Every Day Running Shoes

No… It is true! Whether you shop at Adidas, Nike, Puma or another popular brand, you will find unique and custom designs with amazing grips at 80-90% of the retail price you may find back home. If you are tired seeing these three names everywhere, you can opt for Converse and other popular brands that are comfortable and stylish, but not available back home.

The thing about shoes is that they do not contribute to a bulky luggage, and you can always throw out your old pair and slip in the new ones, because you have probably worn out the old ones. Nevertheless, whether it is about casual wear, trekking as a hobby or you just like your own personal collection of footwear, Singapore is the place to shop.

Other Sports Gear

Being a sports fan does not only mean that you are into cricket or football… There are a variety of sports games, and Singapore has cheap gear for everyone. Whether it is about tennis rackets, squash gear, cricket balls, sports gloves or jerseys, just get a taxi and head over to Queensway Shopping Centre. Even taxi drivers can help you find out cheap and interesting stuff… All you need to do is tip them the right amount!


Whether you are travelling to Singapore or heading back home from there, you need to a luggage bag, but what is even better is to get a bag that fits your minimal necessities and your sports gear. You will find plenty of leather goods stores and markets selling sports gear bags that are not just high in quality but low in price tag. If you have just had a briefcase when you arrived at Changi, you will love taking a branded sports gear bag or a leather handbag at 70-90% of retail price when heading back home.

Shopping in Singapore is fun and affordable… It is all about looking at the right places to shop!

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