Maintaining Construction Site Safety: The Go-To Checklist

Working at a construction site can be dangerous because of all the tools, machinery and chemicals that are involved during the construction of a building. The employees that work on a construction site need to be aware of the dangers that can occur, and also make sure that they follow the safety tips that are implemented.

As an employer or manager, you should implement these safety tips for your workers to maintain a high level of safety standard.

Have an emergency exit plan

You need to consider some of the life-threatening emergencies that may occur when they are working, such as fires caused by electrical malfunctions and have a way of ensuring that everybody can exit the area safely. The employees need to familiarise themselves with all the accidents that can occur and be ready to follow the protocols to the letter. They need to take any construction safety training that is offered seriously to them by the employer. There should be policies and procedure set in place to make it easy for the employees to navigate safely too. In case they are allowed to have visitors during working hours, you need to set a separate place for that so that the visitors are not exposed to any danger.

Wear protective gear

The employees should be responsible enough to wear protective clothing and gear that is given to them without fail whenever they are in the working area. The employees also need to make a report in case any of the gear is worn out or spoiled, and have it replaced with a new one immediately to avoid lapses in safety.

Have an open communication

It is important for the workers to be able to express themselves in a free yet respectable manner. Such communication will help in case there is an issue that needs to be sorted out, hence creating a better working environment. Be attentive to them and address the issues as fast as possible.

Put up signs

Sometimes a worker may be too occupied at work to notice his or her surroundings, which is quite dangerous. Putting up signs around the construction site will keep reminding them of the dangers around them and can go a long way in ensuring that safety measures are observed. The signs also need to be written with colours that can be visible from a distance.

Organise for them to have regular breaks

Your employees need to be in a good state of mind, especially when they are working in a high-risk environment such as a construction site. They don’t all have to stop for a break at the same time, because that may affect the productivity and timelines that you may have set out, but having short, regular breaks will make them feel less tired, and their minds will be more alert.

Have penalties

Before you do this, you need to ensure all the employees understand the risks involved. After facilitating safety training for them such as construction safety, then you should let them know that you expect them to observe all the safety measures because their lives and the lives of the people around them may depend on that.

Have a manager or supervisor who will be able to hold briefings every morning before they start working and give out reminders. In addition, you should also be certified with the occupational health and safety certificate so that your workers work in a safe environment.

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