3 Industrial Door Types Businesses Should Be Aware Of

A term that acts as an umbrella for a wide range and access controls and barriers, industrial doors are used to separate and secure areas of a building. They also allow easy access and entry when necessary, and they can be used for environmental control, fire protection, high visibility, and promotion.

Obtainable from industrial door companies, these doors can also reduce energy costs, with substantial impact on green issues surrounding Singaporean environments. There is a variety of them, and each come with their specific uses.

Roller Shutter Doors

Roller shutters comprise an extension of horizontal slats hinged together. The doors can function in a vertical plane within the frame. You can operate either manually or automatically using a remote, induction loop or motion sensor-triggered mechanism. Roller shutters are usually used for warehouse and business unit access, where security, environmental protection, and ease-of-access stand prior.

Sectional Overhead Doors

In multiple ways similar to roller shutters, sectional overhead doors, for one, have a vertical operation capability and can work in limited spaces. These attributes also hinder the potential for vehicle damage, given that the doors are out of harm’s way when in use. Sectional overheads are designed with large-sized slats. Called panels, the slats fashion gives an avenue to include visual panes, window as well as door access.

Crash Doors

If your Singapore-based business needs frequent access between partitioned areas with constant traffic, then you need some crash doors. Also called PVC strip curtains, they are designed to make it easy to access forklifts, trollies and other heavy machinery via the controlled access point. You do not need to stop to open or close the door, as they do so on their own.

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