Cystic Acne Prevention 101: To-Dos & Not To-Dos

Aside from our face, our body is also prone to having cystic acne especially our back and chest area. This is the primary reason why people are having a huge dilemma when it comes to eliminating those acnes on those parts of their body.

Here are the following techniques that you can use if you want to diminish that body acne problem real quick.

  • Use sulfur soap when taking a bath – a sulfur soap is a great way to dry up those acnes which will eventually clear them up after the everyday use of it.
  • Do not wear clothes that are unwashed – by wearing dirty clothes you are giving a lot of opportunities for the acne to flare up because they totally love to mingle with germs for them to start their breakout.
  • Wipe off your sweat – our sweat contains a lot of toxins which will eventually become the primary cause of acne.
  • Use clean bed sheets and blankets – always ensure that the bed sheets are clean enough so that the dirt will not be transferred on your skin.
  • If you are using lotions check if it is compatible for your skin – when you have a new routine such as a new lotion apply it first on a small portion of your skin before applying it generously.

Those are the techniques that you can take advantage of that is why there is no reason for you to have those nasty acne on your body. It is always better to prevent acne than curing it because acne scar removal is much more expensive than you can ever imagine.

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