A Step-By-Step Guide To Getting Into A University

Singapore is home to 34 universities, out of which six are autonomous. The most popular of these universities is the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Both institutions are widely acclaimed, not just nationally, but also across the globe.

As expected, most pre-university students seeking to study tech courses aspire to join these top universities in Singapore.

If that’s you, are you wondering what these universities zero in on when selecting new undergraduate students? Or what can you do to enhance your chances of landing a spot? If the answers are yes, you are reading the right piece. Below are tips that’ll help you improve your chances of securing a spot.

Apply in Good Time

It’s a well-known fact that the demand for places at the top universities is high and securing a position is not always guaranteed. However, you’ll never get an opportunity to be considered for placement if you don’t apply for placement in the first place.

So, the first step any top-university hopeful should take is to apply.

Don’t just wait until the application deadline is almost upon you to begin your application. Instead, you should apply well in advance. Apply as early as possible.

The early application helps you in two ways.

First, due to a large number of applications expected by the university’s administration, they open and consider applications as soon as they arrive to avoid piling up a backlog. Early applicants get their applications considered more intricately and more thoughtfully than the late applicants’ when there is more traffic and the response time is shorter.

Secondly, the admission board gets the impression that the institution is the candidate’s first choice university and first choice course.

Keep Your Grades Looking Good

This may sound an obvious tip but there’s an interesting twist to grades that most Singaporean students don’t know.

Admission for top-notch tech courses in the best universities in Singapore requires transcripts that are free of Cs. That means you need to keep them off your transcripts at any cost.

For instance, if you are gunning for admission in a top-notch computer science program, you’ll need excellent grades in math and science subjects, including chemistry and physics. However, you have to keep Cs off your transcript at all costs. Attend JC physics tuition to sharpen your grade in physics if you find yourself struggling, but also arrange for tuition in other subjects you find to be very challenging.

Be Well Rounded

Highly selective Singaporean universities look for more than just excellent grades. They look for well-rounded students who can add something unique to the university experience. So, ensure you remember to include your achievements in sports and other extra-curricular activities.

Why you may ask?

With so many qualified applicants each year and limited spots, admission boards will often utilise other factors to differentiate between applicants.

Lastly, Show Interest

This is the part your JC physics tutor can help you the most. Talk with him or her and learn ways which you can express your interest in a subtle way and use that information to guide your university application.

For instance, your JC physics tutor may suggest that you visit the campus and learn abouts its history.

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