How To Decorate Your Party With These Balloon Formations

Hip hip, hooray! Balloons are here to save the day! (Rhyme intended)

Decorations will never fail to capture everybody’s attention at the party. Heck, a brilliantly put together decor might even outshine the cake and make your jaws drop.

But we’re not talking fancy decorations that come at a hefty sum, but we’re going to go straight into balloon decor! Simple, affordable and perfect for the occasion. What more can we say really?


Balloon arch

Welcoming your guests with a plain-looking door alone? Boring! Spruce it up with a balloon arch – your guests are going to feel extra welcomed.

Especially with the many different designs out there – a balloon arch can make a beautiful entrance to get the party started. From a grand castle balloon arch to a chic organic balloon arch – you are going to be overwhelmed with all kinds of gorgeous options!


Balloon landscape

Let your floors come to life by adorning them with balloons. It may sound unrealistic because they are usually floating – but trust us, it’s a work of art when done right. Balloon landscapes give your guests a chance to interact with the balloons for photo taking. Plus, it helps to jazz up your cake cutting area effortlessly.

Coupled with balloon sculptures to your whims and fancies – it will make for an impressive look that will amaze both children and adults.

And the best part? It’s all customizable to suit your precious child’s birthday party! You can request for character balloons sculptures or a specific colour palette to match your party theme.


Organic balloon decor

We’ve heard of organic food and gardening but balloon decor? Don’t worry, they’re still the same-old balloons that you know – not organic ingredients.

Now, go on – get creative with your organic garland by adding flowers or fairy lights! It really just depends on the mood that you would like to achieve. And if you’re a DC fan, you’re in for a treat! You can even ask for an Aquaman inspired organic balloon garland, so get ready to let the sea come to life.

Our custom colour organic balloon garlands even allow you to set a completely different atmosphere – to your liking. Put together gold, white and blue balloons to create a classy look or use white, light and dark pink balloons for a floral look for the little ladies.


Life size balloon sculptures

Here comes (drum roll, please) every children’s dream! Does your child want to be a superhero or princess? Or is meeting Queen Elsa their dream? Let the balloons make your child’s dreams a reality!

They don’t just make a lovely addition as decor but your child is going to beam with joy once they see the life size balloon sculpture. So go on, request a balloon sculpture to be made. After all the movies you’ve seen with your child – you probably know which character will appeal to them best.


Balloon photo frame

A birthday party just can’t do without a couple of photos! While you can obviously do it for the gram, why not snap one for memory’s sake?

Photobooths are definitely lovely but why not consider putting up a balloon photo frame as well? It works the same way as a photobooth does and your guests get the chance to grab a couple of shots to remember this joyous occasion.

And that’s not it, your guests aren’t the only ones who get to store some keepsakes! It’s also a great opportunity for you to add some more mementos into your family photo book.


Customised gift balloons

Everybody loves personalized gifts, and children? Even more.

Order a customized gift balloon to surprise the birthday child during the party – they’re going to love the idea! If regular balloons from a carnival are already good enough to make them happy – a personalized balloon gift will make them feel like they’re on cloud nine.

But a simple gift alone just won’t do justice for your kid’s birthday. Talk to your party planner about hiring a live balloon sculptor. Balloon sculpting is not only entertaining for guests to watch, but the children will also be blown away by a masterpiece thoughtfully made for each of them to bring home.


Balloon backdrop

Let the decor do its magic. Have your balloons float in the air or all bonded together to make a fascinating backdrop decoration. You will definitely impress the crowd.

Add it to your party decor and make it even more astounding than usual. You could have a gigantic house balloon backdrop and let the children imagine what it’s like to have a tea party with Alice and the rest! If not, floral giant helium balloons up in the air will make for a lovely picture or pretty background for the party.

So go ahead, let the balloons express themselves and take your party decor to the next level.



Balloons are lovely to carry around but who knew that this prized-possession for kids could be such an amazing way to decorate a birthday party?

Let balloons take over the party – they’re going to do such amazing work for you and your guests. While you’re at it, look up for birthday party packages! If you’re lucky, you might find that one of them even offers balloon decor.

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