Vital Steps To Facial Treatment For Clearer, Smoother Skin

Who doesn’t know facial treatment? This type of skin care is indeed the most friendly to hear and is commonly practiced by metropolitan Jakarta. Especially if you have high mobility with demands to look good and attractive at all times. Facial is one of the most reliable solutions. You can do it in the middle of your busy life or when you have free time. Make facials a runaway right in the middle of a busy schedule. But do you know the advantages behind the facial process? One of them is to help your skin work better in absorbing beauty products. If you are facial-virgin, you should consult your doctor or dermatologist first. Before you go, you might need to see the steps of facial.

1. Face Cleaning

The face will be cleaned with soap or scrub. Generally use a sponge tool, so that more leverage to remove impurities on the face. A dermatologist will cleanse your face while doing a gentle massage. Massage is done to relax the muscles in the face and of course makes you more relaxed.

2. Evaporation Process

After a clean face, your skin will be given steam to stimulate the pores to open and sweat so that toxins, bacteria, oil, and dead skin cells can dissolve out. Warm steam also functions to improve blood circulation to the face which can rejuvenate the skin. Warm steam will also make it easier for your therapist to carry out the next process, which is peeling and extraction. Another advantage of warm facial steam, you will look fresher and shinier.

3. Exfoliation Process

In this process each beauty clinic has a different method. Some use chemical products to help exfoliate, for example micro peels or microdermabrasion. The benefits of this process are killing cells and removing the outermost layers of skin that are no longer needed.

4. Extraction Actions

Generally in facial treatment, extraction is done manually using special tools. For those of you who have excess acne, it is not recommended for facials. Because of the action of extracting the potential to injure acne especially the stubborn type.

5. Massage

The area on your face has hundreds of points that are connected to the body’s nervous system. Comfort resulting from facials is in the massage process. Because when the face is massaged, the nerve points that are touched will activate functions in other body organs. You will feel deep relaxation! In addition to functioning to relax facial muscles, massage is also capable of blood circulation. Mask Application

This stage is most favored by facial connoisseurs. Masks that are formulated according to your skin type, make facial skin recover from previous ‘hard work’. Function to close the pores that have been opened due to the extraction action. Within 15-20 minutes you will be pampered with a scented mask. Get ready for a deep sleep wrapped in comfort. The result? Your skin will feel smoother and firmer.

6. Provision of Moisturizing Cream or Sunscreen

The last step in facial treatment is moisturizing. You will feel a cleaner and more moisturized facial skin. The products used during treatment can stimulate collagen in the body while reducing the signs of aging. Moisturizing cream or sunscreen application is given so that your fresh face is well protected.


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