Co-living spaces in Singapore come with a number of unique advantages and benefits. Prime among them would be the fact that residents form a deep sense of camaraderie among themselves, especially over time.

Although you’re not in your humble abode, it doesn’t mean that you can’t feel at home. From gaining new pals, comfortable bedding to convenient amenities – it’s all about making you feel right where you are. The only difference is – you will be meeting strangers and creating new experiences.

So, how exactly does co-living let you feel at home despite being physically away from your actual home? We’ll show you how.

Comfortable facilities

Fully serviced apartments designed to meet all kinds of needs will pretty much be found anywhere in cohousing.

Whether its spacious study tables and wardrobes or endless entertainment with television – all these are considered to give you a place just like your home.

While the main key is to build a room which reminds you of ‘home’ itself, that’s not it all. Rooms come with modern designs to cater to the current pool of residents, be it working adults or digital nomads in search of a purpose.

Convenient amenities

Just like how you are always going about shopping malls or cafes to do some shopping or grab a cup of coffee – here is exactly where you can do the same.

Every co-living space usually comes surrounded by a plethora of amenities to meet residents’ needs. Grocery stores, clinics and eateries – you name it and the area has it. Not to mention, schools and universities are often just a stone’s throw away making it even ideal as accommodation for students.

Supporting one another

In your own home, your family members are the ones giving you help and support whenever the need arises. Whether it is physical, mental, financial or emotional support, they will come to your rescue.

The same is the case with residents in co-living communities. After a period of time, residents look out for each other; they care about each other. At these co-living spaces, residents are much more than mere tenants in a building. Rather, things are akin to being one large family where folks look to connect with one another, appreciate each one’s needs and preferences, and strive towards supporting each other to the maximum extent possible.

Building a sense of community

The first thing that pops up in many residents’ minds is probably shared spaces.

Communal kitchens, gymnasiums, reading lounges and shared dining areas are all part of the category. Together, all these give residents a sense of community.

It’s similar to how you would visit the neighbourhood gym or go for a walk in the park and see your fellow neighbours. In co-living spaces, it is ensured that you get the same experience without missing out any bit of it.

Co-living spaces replicate a homely atmosphere to make residents feel comfortable. Unlike renting a space, you don’t really get the chance to communicate with anyone.

But in places like these, things are akin to being one large family where residents look out and care for one another.

It is for this reason that serviced apartments within these spaces have often been tagged as being the perfect getaway which reminds you of home.

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