Maintain Your Sexual Health With These 5 Significant Tips

Sex is an amazing experience that many people enjoy. It is the pleasurable, physical side of love, expressed through various activities. Sex doesn’t necessarily always mean penetrative (vaginal or anal) sex but also can include oral sex or helping someone get off through sex toys or handjobs. Many young adults have sex frequently – often at least once a month, some with casual hook-ups and some with committed partners.

Despite the frequency of these “fun times”, most people overlook their sexual health, specifically the potential long-term consequences of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and other types of infections. Those who are unaware of the potential effects of STDs may end up discovering for the first time that they have contracted one at an STD clinic in Singapore. And, by then, it could already be too late.

To prevent the onset of STDs, here are some important healthcare tips that you should follow:

Always wear a condom

Even if there are already other contraceptives in place (e.g. pills), you should always opt to wear a condom during sex. Condoms help to prevent the transfer of bacteria and viruses from one partner to the other by providing a physical barrier. Wearing a condom will certainly help to reduce the chances of contracting an STD.

But don’t overdo it

Wearing multiple condoms at once puts you at risk of both condoms tearing and becoming ineffective in preventing STDs. Always wear one perfectly-sized condom for the penis. If you are unsure, try out different condom brands until you find the perfect one for you.

Clean your nether regions frequently

While STDs are not transmittable by non-sexual contact. There is always a possibility that your sexual organ gets infected if you do not properly clean it. Washing every nook and cranny with mild, antiseptic soap during your shower should be part of your everyday routine.

Trim your pubic hair

Trimming your pubic hair with a pair of scissors can be helpful in ensuring that sweat does not get trapped in those areas. Avoid using a shaver, as the sharp blades grazing your skin could cause bleeding and other types of infection. Trimming your pubic hair will also reduce the musk that can envelop the pubic region, making sex a more pleasurable experience for you.

Get tested often

You should get an STD testing in Singapore once a year, especially if you have been sexually active during the year. Even with all the preventive methods, there are still slim chances that you may have contracted an STD without knowing. Visiting an STD clinic will allow you to test for diseases that you are most likely to be at risk of contracting. In addition, early testing will give you access to medication at an earlier stage of the infection, which makes some much easier to cure.


While sexual health may not be your greatest concern when thinking about the pleasure of sex, it should always be at the back of your mind. Follow these tips and you will certainly be on your way to a healthy yet sex-filled life.

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