Keeping Your Home Presentable For Tenants: A Quick Guide

If you are fortunate to have an extra home or room to spare, chances are, you will be thinking of renting it out for some passive income. Many people think that renting out a place is easy – you just need to find someone who’s looking for a place, and you will be able to collect a monthly fee from them. While this is true, the reality is not so simple.

Being a landlord comes with its responsibilities. To attract tenants to your home, you need to make the place look and feel worthy of its price. At the very least, the place should be well-maintained so that it is livable. To reap the returns of earning regular rental fees, you need to invest in keeping the home comfortable and problem-free throughout the stay of your tenants.

If you have a room or apartment to rent out, here are some tips you can use to upkeep the place for your tenants:

Make sure everything is in working order

This goes without saying, but many people can miss out on certain things that need to be fixed before the new tenant moves in. You should inspect the home in its entirety to ensure that the home looks well-maintained, meaning there should be no cracks in the walls, no loose tiles, no broken doors, and so on. Then, you should check that the electrical system is functioning well, meaning no faulty switches, adequate power outlets, and no exposed wires. Conduct tests on the water system as well, checking the water pressure, observing for leaks, and testing the flush.

If you are renting out the apartment with appliances included, do make sure that they are working properly. It will be most disappointing for the tenant to move in only to find that half of the facilities in your home are not functioning. Not only is it a major inconvenience for them, but it also reflects poorly on you, and gives you a bad reputation as a landlord.

Conduct pest control

No one wants to deal with pests the moment they move in to a new abode. Pests make the place feel filthy and increase the risk of illnesses. Thus, you should aim to make the place pest-free before the tenant arrives.

Even if you don’t see any pests, pest control will be a good idea as the pests may be hidden from view. This is especially true if the home has been vacant for a while – you may not have been present to see the pests that have multiplied in the apartment. If there are any specific problems, your local pest control will implement the necessary measures to rectify the issues. Some of the common solutions provided by pest control company are bed bug control services, cockroach elimination, and termite control.

Keep the place clean

Whether you share the home with your tenant or not, it will be essential to keep the place clean. A dirty and unkempt home is not only unsightly to come home to, but also detrimental to one’s health and wellbeing. Although you cannot control how your tenant will live in the home once they move in, you should try to keep it clean for them to move in. Encourage clean habits by having a proper trash bin in the home, and calling for cleaning services to clean the home regularly. A clean home will also be less attractive to pests, thus promoting a better living environment for your tenants.

Communicate with your tenant

As you would have realised by now, being a landlord is somewhat like doing a business. The home is the service you are providing, which includes maintaining the home and making your tenant’s stay pleasant. It is not enough to make sure that the home is ready for your tenant’s move-in date. For however long your tenant stays in your property, you are responsible for their satisfaction towards the home.

A good landlord is one who is responsive to their tenant’s needs and queries. Thus, you should aim to be as hospitable as possible, treating your tenant like a respected guest rather than just any stranger. You should communicate with them in a kind and polite manner, and help them fix any problems related to the apartment. For example, if they start to notice any pest problems in the home after a month of staying there, the onus is on you to help them call a pest control company to resolve the issue.

Renting out your home is not as simple most people think. With these tips, hopefully you will be an excellent landlord that provides impeccable living conditions for your tenants.

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