Questions To Ask Your Photo Booth Vendor Prior Hiring Them

So you’ve decided on getting a Singapore instant photo booth at your wedding or corporate event. Congratulations! That’s one great step towards ensuring that your guests have an even more enjoyable time. Each photo taken at these booths will surely bring delight to your guests’ eyes when they see themselves smiling gleefully in the photograph! You may have a strict budget. And you’re looking to get the best photo booth in Singapore based on what you can afford. In Singapore, there are many photo booth providers available, each offering different add-on services and catering to different price points. It can be tough for a first-time consumer to discern what exactly they need in a photo booth. We’re here to guide you. Here are some questions that you should ask your photo booth vendor before you hire them for your event.

What are your prices?

Photo booth vendors range greatly in price and value. Some companies offer different rates depending on the number of hours the photo booth is available for. For instance, if a photo booth is available only for 1 hour then the hourly rate could be a lot more pricey. Checking with the vendor about their prices is the most crucial step toward finding something that can suit your budget.

What does your photo booth look like?

You don’t want a shabby, run-of-the-mill photo booth at your event. It needs to look professional to complement your wedding or company’s reputation. This is the second most important question to ask. Asking them to show you how the booth looks like will allow you to inspect the booth before you hire.

What are your social media platforms?

Besides looking at the physical photo booth, you can also consider spending a bit of time searching for their past photos online. Each photo booth will likely have their own Facebook or Instagram account where they post their photos. You can thoroughly inspect their past portfolio there, and see whether you want a similar quality for your event. If the photos are poorly lit or sloppy, then you might want to think otherwise about that vendor.

What kind of paper would you print the photo on?

Most people forget this, but it could be the make-or-break factor in your guest’s experience. A beautiful photo is only perfected when it is printed on sleek, glossy paper. You can ask the photo booth vendor to find a sample of a printed photo for you to peruse. This will give you a clear sense of the end product after each photo is taken.

How many photos can you print (based on your package)?

Sometimes, there are more guests than expected at an event. In situations like that, having a hard cap on the number of photos that can be printed will be disastrous. You need to ensure that you don’t end up spending extra money because too many photos were taken. The solution to this is to get a time-based photo booth service that provides prints equal to the number of guests. This way, everything is accounted for and you’ll never break your wallet.


Consider carefully which Singapore instant photo booth vendor you want to hire for your event, as this decision could make or break the experience of your guests. Always hire one that you find is trustable and professional.

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