Facial Tips For Men Who Are Looking To Get A Clear Skin

Beauty seems to be a rare word in the world of men and men often do not want to discuss things about skincare. Taking care of your facial hair, teeth and the eyes does not and will not change the fact that as men, you need to take care of your skin as well. If you thought going to the gym is the only thing that matters, then you need to add eating well, and having enough rest to the tips given below on how to care for your skin to maintain that natural look.

Man vs. Woman: Different skin types?
We need to understand that men tend to have oily skin and are more prone to acne compared to women. The facial hair in a man’s face, when left unattended after a haircut, can cause wrinkles at an early age. But at the same time, due to the stability in male hormone behaviour, men tend to suffer less from acne breakouts as compared to women.

Despite some of the advantages men may have over women, a man still needs to take care of his skin to maintain confidence. You need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and consume a healthy diet to ensure that your body has sufficient nutrients to maintain your skin’s condition. Another skin care option is for you to look for the best acne facial treatment suited for your skin. Let’s take a look at other methods that will complement facial treatments for men:

Get enough water in your body to prevent hydration. When you are dehydrated, the skin becomes dry and flaky, which is a recipe for early wrinkling

Vitamin C
Make sure that you have enough antioxidant in your body by increasing your vitamin C intake. Antioxidants keep your skin looking radiant and young throughout the day by strengthening the collagen and maintaining skin elasticity. Take fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C. There are plenty in Singapore.

Eat Proper Diet
Increase your fruit intake, essential fatty acids, proteins, and vegetables. Healthy eating keeps your skin in good health condition and provides quick rejuvenation after being exposed to the harsh environment. To avoid acne, consult with your beautician on what foods to eat and make sure you get the best recommendation on acne facial care products that are suitable for your skin type.

Face Mask
Yes, the face mask is not just a woman’s affair but for a man who wants the best protection for the skin as well. A face mask will remove excess oil by cleaning the skin pores, thus rejuvenating the skin and helping you maintain that excellent and natural look. It may be a little bit strange for starters, but it will eventually feel comfortable to use.

Get a proper shave
To avoid a sore and dull looking skin, make sure you use the right shaving routines and aftershave treatment. You can get smooth skin by doing the following when shaving

  • Wash your face first
  • Use a sharp blade
  • Follow the hairline to know when to go against the grain
  • Avoid scraping when shaving

Get a facial treatment
The best way to combat acne on an oily skin is by regular facial treatments that will always keep your skin radiant and without any blemishes. Again, do some research on the acne facial treatments that are available at reputable salons and parlours and see if their packages suit your needs.

As a man, do not look at skin care as anything casual or unmanly. Having a proper skin care routine and a healthy skin condition will help you feel good about yourself. Let nobody fool you that your skin is not important, we all need proper skin care for a healthier and supple skin.

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