5 Methods To Select The Best Florist For Your Special Event

A florist plays a significant role in the success of your special occasion. They capture and express flower arrangements through your personal style. An online florist in Singapore needs to understand flowers and how they work together to create the best arrangements and ideal atmosphere for your event.

Selecting the perfect florist is similar to choosing the right hairdresser. They need to understand your personal needs and be able to provide you with exactly what you envision. In order for you to pick the best florist to produce your ideal flower bouquet, here are some things for you to consider.


Some florists have a signature style. They either specialize in over the top centrepieces, tall modern floral pieces, or even minimalist floral bouquets and arrangements. It is highly recommended for you to conduct some research first to gain awareness of the florist’s personal style. It is also important to note the type of event; for example, some florists specialise in designing graduation bouquets.

It is not uncommon for florists to adapt to different styles, but they will still have their personal touch. If you think that the portfolio of the florist matches your vision, then it is worth setting up a meeting.


You might have your eye on an elaborate flower bouquet in Singapore that is dripping with crystals and imported flowers. These flowers can be really costly, the services of experienced and skilled florists usually cost more. With a higher budget, you can seek a more experienced florist who is able to provide you with excellent services.

You should set a budget and present it to your florist for them to see what they can offer you with.

Your needs and requirements

You should have an idea of your personal floral requirements and needs. Do you require help with selecting the type of flowers as well as arranging the bouquet? Or do you only require help with the arrangement of the bouquet?

Another important factor to consider is whether you require flower bouquet delivery services, and whether your chosen florist is able to match your specific requirements.

Show examples

When you arrange your first meeting with a florist, it is best to show them some samples or designs of what you have in mind. You can present some flower arrangements and styles that you would like to incorporate into your flower bouquet. You can even present the florist with pieces of fabric from bridal dresses and serviettes for him/her to understand your vision.

This will give your florist some guidance, and he/she will be able to put together a proposal that showcases their ideas.

Florist proposal

You should not book a florist based on words. They should present to you their past work or services. For your first meeting with the florist, you should seek for the portfolio of their past designs. You can view a couple of florists’ portfolios before deciding on your favourite one.

Remember to ask around for recommendations, the best online florists in Singapore would receive numerous satisfied clients. After you have selected your ideal florist, you can be assured that they will be able to provide you with your ideal fresh flower arrangement and bouquet!

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