The Reason Why Serviced Apartments Are Better Than Hotels

These days, travellers have a hard time renting a spacious apartment in a new environment. Even if you manage to find a flat at reasonable rates – you still need to plan the furnishing and decoration expenses.

Now, if you look into hotels – you’ll realise that it provides a luxurious lifestyle because of its posh interiors and facilities. However, luxury is not cheap at all – especially if you’re planning to stay in one for a long time – just a week or month can cost you an arm and a leg.

On the other hand, fully furnished apartments for rent offer you the same luxury and amenities at relatively lower rates. What comes with these spaces also include better space, privacy and comparable luxury to a hotel.

Now, let’s show you what else to expect from these two housing options!

It saves you money

When you are staying at a hotel, you are charged for all the additional services you use. For example, laundry expenses aren’t included in your hotel room rates; a certain amount of fee has to be paid to get your clothes washed.

Similarly, you need to pay extra for ordering food in your hotel room, and the list goes on and on. Altogether, these expenses can make your hotel stay way too expensive than you had thought.

As for serviced apartments, you only have to pay rent to the host or owner by the end of the month or week (depending on your stay period). And a laundry area? Already included in the rental rates – zero hidden charges. Other amazing facilities you can find also include gyms, social kitchen and if you look hard enough – private backyard with BBQ pits!

Long story short – enjoy a comfortable stay in such affordable service apartments to scrimp and save for other expenses.

Indulge in more space

You don’t get a lot of space to move when you’re in a hotel room. Even if you do manage to squeeze everything in – your personal belongings, luggage, food, newly bought souvenirs – the whole place will end up looking like a huge mess.

That’s why people prefer serviced apartments as they get a lot of space to move around. And one more bonus point to enjoy? It feels exactly like home sweet home.

The commodious room isn’t just furnished with one bed, though. The entire room comes equipped with a work station, private bathroom, air conditioning and wardrobe. But the best part is still going to be its abundance of space – you can even afford to bring in a few more items and invite the new housemates you’ve just made friends with!

Stay for as long as you want

Will your degree or course last up to a year or two? Are you going to need more time to get adjusted to your new workplace? Or is some time alone all that you need during this stay?

Regardless of your purpose – any serviced apartment for rent allows you to stay for as long as you wish. Even if it’s a day, week, month or a few years – all you have to do is discuss the contract terms with your host or owner to inform them of your long-term stay in advance. There is no long-term obligation associated with these apartments.

Once again, the issue with staying in a hotel always lies in the costly rates so you may not be able to afford the entire stay of one year, for instance. In other words, it’s probably best to opt for a serviced apartment if you’re going to be a traveller abroad for quite some time.

Hotels are indeed enticing for travellers – but not for the long run. Eventually, you’ll end up burning your cash, and it’ll cause you to be in a financial state of mess.

When you compare both housing options – it’s pretty clear that serviced apartments are the better choice. From affordable rental rates, clean and brand new furniture to shared dining spaces – a serviced apartment has everything you need to start out your life in a new city.

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