Make Your Next Office Relocation Smooth with These 4 Tips

Having found the right small business office for rent presents an exciting change for your business. Still, the moving process can be more challenging and stressful – from managing employees to ensuring minimal disruptions to daily business activities. As with any large project, it is a good idea to divide the workload and assign tasks to your team.
Having a plan and kick-starting the move early can help you overcome the process and ensure a smooth transition. Below is a quick step by step guide to help you prepare in your office relocation.

Prepare for the move

Moving offices is a big decision, and it can be a costly affair. Thus, preparations are essential when you want to make the move a seamless one. Ensure your employees are informed what they should expect at the new office. Put together a move team with capable staff purposely chosen based on their skillsets, such as leadership, communications, strategy. Plan their roles ahead of time so they know their individual duties and responsibilities to coordinate the move. At the same time, look into hiring movers that specialize in office moves so you will receive the best service for your needs.

Rent temporary storage space

Consider temporary storage facilities to help with your move. During the packing and moving process, you may need additional space to store your office belongings. Plus, when designing your new office location, there may be a design aesthetic change that you wish to include new furniture instead. Your old office furniture needs to be kept somewhere temporarily – therefore, a storage facility. This will also come in handy to store excess inventory, unused furniture, office supplies and archived documents.
At the same time, some storage facilities serve as working spaces for you to store and work within the same space. If you need an off-site working location from your main office, our property at 680 Upper Thomson Road offers workspaces that come fitted with lights, aircon, carpet, glass door and powerpoint for a conducive working environment. Unit sizes range between 78 to 462 sqft, making it ideal for those looking for small business offices for rent. You can put your office belongings and inventory in storage while you have adequate space to do some work. Within the premises, you can also find an ancillary office unit for rent at 3,896 sqft. Facilities in the building include season parking, in-house café, childcare services, and accessibility via CTE & SLE.

Create a timeline and to-do list

Create a timeline that captures all the tasks on a to-do list, and when you should execute them. Give yourself enough time to handle unexpected changes and hitches. Starting the moving process within a few weeks is bound to cause plenty of stress and pressure, so start the move at least several months in advance. This allows time for you to plan with the moving company, your team, and both office landlords. It will also enable you to anticipate change, from construction delays to delivery obstacles, so you can remain on track during the move.

Get everyone involved

Share the detailed timeline with the team, with corresponding dates for everyone to take note of – junk cleaning days, last day to pack your box for storage pickup, last day in the old office, and more.
The moving process can take its toll on people, so make it more bearable by working in some fun. If you have spent a good amount of time in the old office, people might have accumulated a lot of things that didn’t need to be moved to the new space. But cleaning can feel like a chore – so make it fun. Block out time on everyone’s calendars for a “cleaning party”, with catered lunch and a fun song playlist. Bring in trash and recycling bins, so people get encouraged to let go of the junk they have accumulated over the years.
Choose a strategic office location that’s convenient for your employees to get to work and for clients to access you. Our property at Cantonment Central offers office units for rent, in sizes from 360 to 750 sqft with lights, carpet, aircon and lift access. Conveniently located at the fringe of CBD, the building is easily accessible from AYE, CTE and Tanjong Pagar MRT Station. It has a well-liked location by startups and entrepreneurs – only a short walking distance away from the prime center of Tanjong Pagar and Chinatown. Facilities include 1 complimentary season parking, nearby F&B options, loading bays and the advantage of being outside ERP gantry.

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