Fresh Flowers: Tips To Prolong The Lives Of Your Flowers

fresh flower arrangement is always a nice touch, whether simply to brighten up your home, or as a gift to a loved one, or to jazz up a romantic wedding. But one inevitable scenario of all cut flowers is that they eventually wilt and lose their lustre.

While no one can stop the natural process of flowers wilting, you can make your money’s worth by prolonging the display life of the flowers you got. In fact, there are various tips and tricks to choosing and storing cut flowers that will make them last for longer.

Below, you’ll find a couple of little-known trade secrets for extending the life of bouquets.

1. Use a sharp knife for cutting the stems

When putting together an arrangement for a vase, trimming is often required. The biggest mistake people make occurs here. Not many people realise this, but cutting flower stems with scissors is actually not recommended!

Using scissors crushes the stem of the flower, which makes it wilt more quickly. Instead, you should use a sharp knife to cut the stem at an angle.

2. Pick flowers that are not fully bloomed

Flowers in full bloom may look the most beautiful when in the flower store, but this also means the flowers have gone past their peak, and will wilt rapidly after you bring them home.

In fact, if you want fresher flowers that last, it is best to go for the flowers with tighter buds. These are flowers that are just starting to bloom, so you can enjoy the flowers for a few more days as they progress into full bloom.

3. Mist the flowers every now and then

Most florists recommend misting flower arrangements at most once a day. This should just be a light spritz that gives flowers the appearance of having dew.

Doing so gives flowers additional moisture they need to stay fresh. However, take care not to overdo it, as excess moisture can lead to fungal growth and premature rotting!

4. Keep flowers away from fruits and heat

A popular pairing for flowers is with scented candles, giving you double the sweet experience of beautiful sights and aromas. In Singapore, soy candles are well-loved for being more environmentally-friendly. However, beware of placing your bouquet too close to a candle or heat source, as this could lead to premature ageing for the plants.

The same goes for placing flowers in the vicinity of fresh fruits – ethylene gas emitted by fruits speeds up the ageing process for plants.

5. Use flower food packets – or make your own!

At some florists, you may be able to get flower food packets to go along with your cut flowers. These packets are meant to be added to the water in the vase to nourish the plant, making them say fresh and beautiful for a longer time.

If you can’t get flower food or wish not to spend on it, you can make your own at home with a mixture of 7UP and a little bit of bleach mixed with water.

With these tips, your gorgeous flower arrangements won’t be so short-lived anymore! You can enjoy that sunny sunflower bouquet for a bit longer, making your flowers worth every penny!

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