Steps Florists Take In Ensuring Fresh Flowers At An Event

Flowers are an almost indispensable part of special events. Take weddings, for example – was there a time you’ve been to a wedding without a single bouquet or flower arrangement centrepiece in sight?

For most of these events, the beautiful flowers are the labour of passion of dedicated florists who curate, deliver, and arrange the flowers to perfectly complement the event and venue. But you might have one question on your mind: How on earth do these flowers last throughout the long hours of the event?

Every florist has their own tricks up their sleeves for keeping flowers fresh throughout an event, but some of these methods are open secrets that anyone can use – if you ever want to attempt a flower arrangement DIY-style. Here are some you can try:

1. Choose the freshest flowers possible

It seems obvious, but some people forget this fact. Flowers only stay as fresh as they were when you bought them, so it’s crucial to pick the freshest ones you can find to ensure they start off already looking amazing.

You should also consider the time from buying the flowers until they are needed for the event. If you are buying flowers a day before the event, choosing flowers that are still in buds may be a better choice as they will bloom nicely in time for the event.

2. Take them out only when necessary

We all know that sunlight is essential for a plant’s growth. But that is only true when plants are still growing – the need for sunlight does not apply to cut flowers. On the contrary, harsh sunlight can have a detrimental effect of causing cut flowers to wilt even faster.

Thus, if you are preparing flowers for an event – be it an elegant lily arrangement or cheery sunflower bouquet – it is best to keep them stored in a cool, shaded area with sufficient moisture until just before showtime.

3. Display flowers away from extreme conditions

If you have a long event ahead, it is advisable to display flowers away from harsh conditions. We’re talking about strong sunlight, drafts, or even the heat from electrical generators, aircon vents and live cooking stations. Flowers look great when paired with soy candles, but you want to make sure the flowers are not so near the flames to risk being burnt or affected by the heat.

You might have less of a choice of where to place the flowers if your event is held outdoors, but you can make up for it with more hardy plants and flowers like orchids, statice, and roses.

4. Use flower packets

Some florists provide flower packets along with purchases of cut flowers. These are meant to be put in the water of the flower arrangement to maximise the display-ready lifespan of the cut flowers.

However, if you cannot get your hands on flower packets for any reason, there are a few DIY hacks you can try. Some people swear by a citrus soda (7-Up will do the trick) and bleach mixture. Yet others say that vodka (diluted, of course) do wonders to inhibit the ageing of cut flowers.

5. Remove wilting leaves immediately

Getting rid of browning petals or wilting leaves not only ensures that the remaining arrangement looks as good as new, but it also has a practical effect of discouraging mould and bacteria growth.

Old and wilting plants also produce more ethylene gas, which is a plant hormone that accelerates the ripening or ageing process in plants. Thus, you would want to remove any plants that are wilting or rotting immediately so they don’t affect other plants in the arrangement.

Now you know the tips and tricks for maintaining the freshness of flowers, will you be trying them for your next event? Or if these all sound like too much work, you can also leave it to the hands of the experts of your favourite florists in SingaporeWith fresh flower arrangements specially made to amplify the atmosphere of your event, an experienced florist will allow you to kick back and relax rather than worrying about the state of your flowers throughout your event.

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