What Makes Serviced Apartments In Asia So Sought-after

Compared to other parts of the world – space is considered scarce in various developing Asian cities. People have to be smart with the land available and make the most of what is there.

On the other hand, when it comes to finding accommodation – it can be pretty tough for locals, but especially for foreigners. Real-estate prices are rising and staying in a hotel can be just as costly too.

However, with the availability of long term serviced apartments – accommodation is no longer a cause for worry.

It’s excellent for socialising and developing new bonds, manage a startup, pursue your studies, or do just about anything really! The point is many different people are jumping onto the bandwagon – such as students, young professionals, and business nomads.

Now, let’s sum up why there’s been a growing demand over serviced apartments!

An influx of travellers from foreign countries

With the advent of globalisation – more and more companies are expanding their offices and setting up branches overseas.

And what does that mean?

Corporate officials working in Multi-national Companies (MNCs) have to pack up their bags and travel across the globe.

Whether it’s for an important meeting or to set up a new branch – it’s clear that the thriving commercial and industrial hubs in Asia are lucrative investments for most MNCs.

That said – here’s where furnished apartments for rent come in! With all the modern facilities, the chirpy community, and privacy – it has turned to one of the go-to accommodation choices.

Real estate developers even mention that the demand for a serviced apartment for rent in Asia has increased over the years.

But business workers aren’t the only ones looking for accommodation – both local and international students, couples, soul-searching folks and many others are doing the same.

Better than living in a hotel

Go ahead – rent a service apartment and see what we mean.

First and foremost – rest assured that you are in for a fulfilling and relaxing experience with serviced apartments.

What you’ll be getting are modern facilities like comfortable and contemporary furniture, as well as upscale kitchen appliances. Need we really say more?

The growing number of urban centres in Asia has led to the demand for serviced apartments that come equipped with all modern facilities. Young individuals working in MNCs often prefer staying in serviced apartments because these come equipped with all modern facilities.

Besides, it’s the perfect choice if you want to live independently from family – yet still save money. You get to rent your own room and have your own share of privacy – hooray!

But if you want extra company or are looking to be even more thrifty – opt for the room option with an additional bed.

Perks don’t end there by the way – you may even find a new partner interested in investing in your startup, or gain a new study buddy after discovering he or she is pursuing the same course.

It’s really the best mix of privacy and community you can get out there when you’re looking for an affordable place to stay in.

These days, many people are trying out serviced apartments for different reasons – from business expansions, furthering studies to growing one’s social circle. So, since the masses have asked for them – the creators of serviced apartments have listened and delivered!


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