How Serviced Apartments Will Fit Into Your Budget

Planning to shift to a new city? Got a business you want to manage but the working hours are all over the place? Or do you want to stay nearby your school to cut short the travelling time and be independent?

Here’s your answer – serviced apartments.

It’s basically a modern concept designed to make the lives of travellers and locals with aspiring goals and dreams simpler.

These fully furnished apartments for rent are stylishly equipped with contemporary furniture and essentials.

But the best part is that this is the ideal accommodation type for frugal folks – in the sense that there’s everything in one place to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth.

With that being said, let us have a closer look at why you should make a service apartment for rent your choice of stay!

All-inclusive rental cost

Let’s say you decide to rent a regular apartment within the neighbourhood – you may find that it’s only an empty space with no furniture or appliances.

That means you’ll need to start your search on new ones.

However, this doesn’t apply to a serviced apartment – you’ve got all the necessary furniture already; be it ventilation, workstation, television, and so on. And that means you don’t have to call in for delivery services or movers to bring in your furniture.

Moreover, there isn’t a need to go out of your way to a gym or reading lounge – you’ll find that most serviced apartments already provide these facilities!

So, cut away the travel costs and gym membership – you would have saved plenty of money.

Home-cooked meals

Sure, buying all the ingredients at one go will take up a large sum of money. But think of it this way, in the long run – you’re bound to benefit than be at a disadvantage.

You can keep using the ingredients for cooking all kinds of meals, gain a great skill to impress others, and even manage the portion of your meal.

Meanwhile, if you were to stay in a hotel – ordering room service will make for a considerably large expense.

But with home-cooking – you are essentially reducing your food expenses. And who said you had to do all these cooking or dining alone?

Get your roommate or house member to join in and whip up a meal together! You’ll get to save even more on costs since you’ll be splitting up the expenses when doing your grocery shopping.

Costs aside, it will surely make for a fun and memorable experience.

Lower rent value

Usually, hotels will charge you based on the number of nights you have stayed. If you overstay the check out time even by half an hour, you will have to pay for the entire day.

However, for most furnished apartments for rent, clients have to enter into a rental agreement.

People living in serviced apartments often mention that the rental values of such flats are usually less than that of hotels – if you actually took the time to calculate a little.

Thus, living in a serviced apartment is a much more cost-effective solution than staying in a hotel.

When you think long term – you will come to realise that serviced apartments will prove to be a cost-effective and worthwhile choice in comparison to renting an empty flat or staying in a hotel.

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