How A Cooling Mattress Can Improve Your Sleep Significantly

When it comes to good health and well-being, ample sleep is quintessential. If you’ve ever felt restlessness or tired after waking up in the morning, it’s time to look for a solution with a cooling mattress! There are many ways a cooling mattress can relieve all of your problems when you sleep at night, but most importantly, they are excellent in combating Singapore’s hot weather and good rest.

You might ask: what exactly is a cooling mattress? One prime example of a cooling mattress is the Detense ArcticSilk Series, a luxury range of cooling memory foam mattresses. Due to its ability to absorb natural body heat on the surface, a cooling mattress can ensure that your body stays cool no matter your sleep posture. For added bonus: You could place it onto a storage bed frame and ensure that your room stays clutter-free with the extra storage space!

Here are 3 reasons why switching to a cooling mattress can prove to be essential for a good rest and a comfortable sleep.

1. Uncomfortable mornings

Have you ever had a night where you simply can’t sleep due to the stickiness of your skin and your body heat? When waking up in the morning, you’re bound to find that the uncomfortable nature of your sleep doesn’t go away. During hot nights, your body becomes stuck between full relaxation and being on alert, causing restlessness and lack of sleep.

This causes your body to drift between the two states, making each morning an uncomfortable one to wake up to. This is in addition to the sweaty feeling and restlessness you might feel. With cooling mattresses such as the Detense ArcticSilk Olympus, you can put your trust in the mattress cooling technology for better sleep and rest.

2. Constant tossing and turning

When you constantly toss and turn in bed, it shows that your body is currently overheating and looking for a way out in search of a comfortable, cooler spot. This restlessness can cause your body to find different ways of sleeping, such as going on top of covers just for that extra bit of comfort.

Tossing and turning is one of the top causes for restlessness, which can be mitigated by picking up a cooling mattress. The Detense ArcticSilk Olympus offers a way for efficient sleep through the double-layer memory foam that is able to adapt to your body.

3. Your partner’s warmth

One of the general reasons for warm nights could be caused not by you, but by your partner. They might not know this, or they might not know much about how it can cause restlessness to you as well. Either way, as both of you are sharing the same mattress, a heaty night can cause both of you to wake up miserable in the mornings.

With the Detense ArcticSilk Agartha, this quality mattress is able to aid both you and your partner in essential ways. The 3 Zone Individual Pocketed Spring brings about minimal partner disturbance during those warm nights. Not just that, but the cooling mattress features a barrel-shaped spring system to enable weight support and posture stress relieving. Now both of you can sleep sweat-free and comfortably!


While a cooling mattress is indeed essential for a good night’s sleep in Singapore, they also provide other enhancing benefits. These include increasing blood flow through the gel-infused memory foam, premium latex sheets for contouring, and luxury knitted ticking for better sleep. With cooling mattresses such as the Detense ArcticSilk Series, you can look forward to comfortable nights every night!

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