How To Search For The Perfect Serviced Apartment

Has the thought of living in a serviced apartment crossed your mind? Do you get excited at the thought of mingling with new housemates and creating new friendships? Or are you looking forward to separating yourself from the rest of the world as you enjoy your personal privacy?

Whichever the case is – the fact of the matter is you’re on the search for a serviced apartment.

Such an accommodation option is especially suitable for business travellers who are always moving but don’t favour staying in a hotel for prolonged periods due to relatively high costs incurred. On the other hand, serviced apartments provide all-inclusive rates comprising basic furnishings, shared spaces, exclusive facilities, and wonderful amenities nearby.

So, how do you make sure you select the right serviced apartment for your upcoming stay? Read on to find out!

Furnishings and facilities

When it comes to renting long term serviced apartments – these two things are extremely important.

You should feel like you’re in your own home, without having to go out of the way just to buy additional furniture or equipment just to meet your daily needs. A serviced apartment will consist of all the standard furnishings – from air conditioning, a comfortable bed and workstation, en-suite bathroom, television, refrigerator, and wardrobe.

Another bonus of serviced apartments will definitely be their exclusive, luxurious facilities.

You’ll find that serviced apartments are able to provide all sorts of spaces where your personal hobbies come to life or spring up newfound friendships. For instance, the gymnasium allows you to share with each other workout tips or routine, while the reading lounge is the perfect place for bookworms to come together and discuss about all your favourite stories in the world.

There’s even a shared dining space where you get the chance to have your mealtime with another housemate! Serviced apartments truly allow you to have your own privacy while mixing in the community whenever you wish to as well.

Meets your budget

As amazing as a fully serviced apartment sounds – there’s no point if you can’t afford it.

Go through several options and narrow them down into a list so it’s easier to make your decision. Remember, there are certain factors that’ll determine its price – such as location, facilities, and your chosen room.

Even then, don’t compromise your lifestyle just to fit your budget – you should do a thorough comparison of your options so you get your money’s worth. For instance, select a serviced apartment which are flexible with their lease terms and inform you of any costs upfront – this will ensure you have a comfortable stay without forking out any extra expenses.


A place far away from all your amenities is a location you shouldn’t consider. At first thought, it may sound doable to travel 30 to 45 minutes just to get a meal or your groceries.

However, after some time – you will come to realise that it’s a hassle and will take up too much of your time or push back your other plans.

Whether it’s nearby eateries, shopping malls or medical establishments you’re looking for – a serviced apartment should be close to all these amenities so as to provide you with all the essentials in your lifestyle. This will make it more convenient as you move from place to place, without having to spend an unnecessary amount of time travelling.

There you have it; the 3 factors you absolutely have to look out for when it comes to selecting the perfect serviced apartment. Carefully go through these aspects before you make up your mind!

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