What You Gain From Staying In Serviced Apartments

The time has come – you can finally move to a new city and start settling down in your new environment! The only problem is – where?

Our answer to you is – serviced apartments! For certain, there are many accommodation options out there, but if we’re talking price, cosiness, and convenience – this may be the ideal choice for you.

If you take some to check out the fully furnished apartments for rent in the city that you have moved into – you will find that these flats have the perfect living conditions and company that you require to start living in the city comfortably straightaway.

Scrap investing in furniture and appliances, having a hard time at socialising, or making a 30-minutes to the nearest shopping mall – there’s no need for that when you’re living in a serviced apartment. Serviced apartments offer all-inclusive rates, take care of both your comfort and well-being.

Now, let’s take a closer look at what serviced apartments can provide you when you’re an official resident!

No packing and unpacking

Every traveller or new homeowner will understand the struggles of packing all of their furniture and appliances that you have bought and unpacking them in your new flat.

However, in a serviced apartment – all your basic necessities are well-taken care of. You can find an en-suite bathroom, television, a cosy bed, mini-refrigerator, cooling air conditioning, and a workstation.

You’ll probably only need to pack up our personal belongings, and maybe a couple of extra clothing.

So, there you go – the hassle of packing and unpacking is resolved easily. Now, just focus on pursuing your career or mingling with the rest of the residents.


Love roomy spaces so you can invite your new housemates or just so you can fill up the space with all your personal items?

Serviced apartments have got you covered.

Especially if you’re planning to move in with another buddy of yours, your partner, or another housemate – there’s always enough room for two (or more when it’s time for a mini party).

Ample space aside, there are long term serviced apartments which let you stay as long as you want to. That said, go ahead and start shopping for all your essentials – there’ll be sufficient space always!

Provided facilities

All-inclusive rates don’t just comprise the cosy room you’ll be enjoying – there’s also the communal facilities that’ll help go around and start a conversation easily.

Usually, you’ll be able to find all kinds of luxurious facilities that’ll help fulfil your day-to-day needs – such as shared dining spaces, a modern gym, state of the art, Masterchef styled kitchen, and a lovely reading lounge with a conducive environment.

Certain serviced apartments even host regular events from time to time so as to encourage housemates to mingle with one another through a shared love of hobbies and common interests. The helpful team of staff will even get to know each one of the students, as well as provide them with any help or information, so they always feel a part of the community.

Accessibility and convenience

Be it public or personal transport – serviced apartments are able to cover both aspects and ensure you get to your destination easily and comfortably. You’ll be able to find MRT stations available within walking distance, while hotspots will only take a quick 30 minutes drive from the hostel.

At the same time, various amenities are only a stone’s throw away. From clinics, 24-hour hospitals, stationery stores, grocery stores, food centres, shopping malls to eateries – there’s plenty to look forward to within the vicinity.

What’s more, if you’re all about having a thrilling lifestyle – certain places even have top-rated bars to trendy hipster cafés that will take your breath away once you step in!

Ready to get a taste of what it’s like to live in a serviced apartment? Hop aboard and join in on all the fun!

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