5 Tips To Help You Design A Productive Office Space

When designing a productive office layout, you must take into consideration numerous details; from furniture arrangement to desk orientation as well as other aspects such as lighting and decorations. The list is endless.

Designing a productive office layout can be both a daunting activity and an exciting one. After all, the new office design is a fresh new look for the workplace. However, the tedious part is taking into consideration all the necessary aspects to produce the desired result, which is a productive office.

To assist you and ease your worries, we have gathered five aspects that you must take into account to ensure that your office design will be a positive addition to the company strategy.

1. Proper Utilization of Space

The cost of an office space for rent in Singapore will cost anything between $7 and $25 per square foot per month. This is exclusive of other fees and taxes. When you calculate the amount of money spent on each employee’s workspace, it comes to an average figure of $500 to $750 per month. That is roughly 100 to 150 square feet per person.

Office space can be costly in Singapore. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that the office design makes full use of each square inch available. Unless you are looking for office space for lease on the outskirts of Singapore, where rent costs are slightly lower, we suggest that you put a cap on your budget and work with available space.

2. Look for Smooth Flow of Work and Communication

Now that you have settled on the square footage, turn your focus on the furniture arrangement and desk orientation. Let the design enhance the smooth flow of work and ease communication.

For instance, if you have a sales department and a customer feedback team, arrange the furniture so that the staffs in these departments are adjacent to each other. This enhances their communication as they can share documents quickly and converse with ease. In turn, this arrangement increases efficiency.

In addition, a smart arrangement of furniture will reduce the occurrence of document losses, accidents and quicken processes.

3. Design to Facilitate Supervision

The design of an office can help to facilitate the performance of supervision or stifle it. Office designs that facilitate supervisory activities help to reduce its cost and enable supervisors to push for productivity. Supervisors will be able to easily locate, engage and hold discussions with team members privately, as well as contribute to open collaborations. These increases productivity and efficiency.

4. Consider Impact on Customers and Visitors

If the nature of business requires that clients visit the office, for instance, in a law firm or any other professional consultancy, keep in mind that a good first impression is important.

The office design can effectively communicate the company’s values and work culture. A fine office design can impress clients and leave them with a positive impression of the company.

5. Design to Enhance Staff Morale and Productivity

The lighting, colours, and airflow of the office can affect one’s mood, energy levels and even the ability to perform well. Poorly lit offices with terrible airflow and dull colours are extremely bad for productivity. Other design aspects such as the type of furniture and inclusion of social places also greatly influence employees’ productivity and morale.

With the five design aspects mentioned above, you should also be able to decide on an office space to rent in Singapore.

We seek to provide you with the utmost convenience and comfort for you and your team. Our green modern office spaces of tranquil setting supply you with all the technical needs you require and ensure proficient and memorable work experiences for you and your team.

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