Take Your Tote Bag To The Next Level: 4 Hot Trends

In the pursuit of spreading the word about your company, how many stickers, badges or pens have you purchased? Probably, many. Despite having good intentions, those trinkets are most likely long forgotten.

Instead, consider promotional products that are useful, practical and durable – like a canvas tote bag! Tote bags have grown to become an accessory carrying many functionalities – pun intended.

They have many purposes, but the main one is to function as an effortless carryall. It isn’t just useful for a quick grocery run, but it can also be used to carry school supplies, books; it’s entirely up to you! The wide opening at the top adds to its overall convenience due to the ease of storing or reaching for items.

Tote bags are light, but they’re able to carry heavy items. Most importantly, they take ink well, which allows you to request for any print designs to be printed on them. But if you want your bag to stand out, jazz it up by customising its overall usability with the following unique ideas:


This is not only a fun and unique bag idea, but it’s also more durable due to its double-layered structure. People tend to like switching up their styles.

So if your bag has two designs, then there’s a higher possibility that people would use them longer. Request for a full surface sublimation print for a bold and more prominent design.

Then, on the flip side, consider a more straightforward design. You could alternate the designs by having a fully-covered design and a simple design on the other side.

Drawstring tote bag

The sight of drawstring bags in Singapore is quite a norm, but what about drawstring tote bags? A drawstring tote bag allows you to seal the wide opening on top. If there are bag handles, then the bag is elevated in terms of its multi-functionality.

Moreover, it caters to more preferences of the people in your target group. Those who aren’t fond of carrying a tote bag can use it as a bag instead.

Additionally, if one gets too tired of carrying a bag on one shoulder, then know they have an alternative way of carrying it!

Additional adjustable strap

Aside from focusing on the printed design of your tote bag, you can elevate it by adding an adjustable strap.

With two different straps, there would be two ways of carrying it! It may not seem like a lot, but this positively influences your recipients’ minds. If you want to do without the adjustable strap, having a long handle is another alternative!

Transparent pocket

Clear bags have grown to become rather popular due to its clean and minimalistic design. In terms of a tote bag, though, we might feel a bit more hesitant to show everyone what’s in our bag readily.

Enter a transparent pocket. We tend to dump items into our tote bags, which backfires against us because we’d spend more time searching for the item.

With the additional pocket, we’re able to place small items in there or even a storybook to protect it from getting damaged! That’s also a perfect way of showing off your book of the day.

Tote bags are more likely to be reused even after the event is overdue to its practicality. On top of being a promotional gift, it would also make for an ideal eco-friendly gift which reflects well on your brand and company!

Upon giving a canvas tote bag to someone else, feel rest assured that they won’t be tossed out. Meanwhile, if you’re still deciding on an ideal gift bag, a paper bag is also an excellent option! Look for an established paper bag supplier with customising services to cater to your needs.

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