Clean Up Your Apartment During COVID-19 With These 4 Tips

With the ongoing Circuit Breaker, we all have to stay in our homes. However, being at home all day can eventually take a toll on one’s mind – therefore, it’s important to keep our minds fresh and positive!

But, the thing with staying means that all the mess may pile up more easily. And the more clutter you create, the more stress you’ll end up having to deal with.

Clutter often leads to anxiety and stress. You tend to get anxious when you can’t find your things. One way to reduce stress and rejuvenate your mind is by cleaning and organising your home!

So, we won’t be talking about the usual short term, or long term serviced apartments – instead, we’ll be touching on how you can declutter your home and turn it into a fresh and clean space! Now, let’s see what the steps you can take to keep your home spick and span are.

Start with the kitchen

If you’re getting on board the trend of cooking and baking – then, it’s best you keep your kitchen sparkling clean!

Cleanliness aside, there are a couple of steps you can take to have more space within your kitchen for new appliances or ingredients.

In your spare time, maximise the space in your kitchen by organising all the spices, frying pans, and other kitchen appliances.

Your kitchen is probably home to a broad range of appliances and food ingredients, so, try to focus on one thing at a time. Start with the upper cabinets and drawers. Once you are done arranging the items inside cabinets, move onto the countertop.

Your countertop is where you cook and place all the regular ingredients and many kitchen appliances. Get the ingredients from the countertop and place them in the drawer or cabinets. Last but not least, keep it as clean as possible!

Find a place for papers

For productivity sake, you may find yourself shifting from place to place so you can focus on your work and complete your tasks.

As such, you may end up leaving papers all over the place in different spots! After all, it’s easy to just leave them lying around in drawers, atop a table, on the sofa, or in whichever place you decide to work at.

This will result in a pile of mess eventually, as all the papers are found everywhere.

So, what you can do on your end is to keep a specific box or spot for papers. At the same time, collect your office and family members’ (if they have any) papers and organise them neatly into a drawer.

Keep a designated spot for all types of papers – flyers, posters, school papers, your office papers, and so on.

Tidy up your living room

Unlike a storeroom, bedroom or kitchen – a living room is the centre of focus when guests enter – so, you don’t really expect to see anyone storing many items there.

However, just like any of your other living space; it’ll require regular cleaning! Especially during the Circuit Breaker period, we have started to use our living rooms more often.

First of all, empty the drawers and storage spaces. This will help maximise the space in your drawer. Put all the items you no longer use in your storeroom. Then, organise the rest of the items properly in the drawers.

As for the usual reading materials, such as magazines, comics, novels, and other books which you usually leave lying atop the table – it may be more ideal to shift them to a bookshelf instead.

Now’s the time for you to go onto the Internet and browse for a new bookshelf! Carefully search for any clearance sales so you can get the most out of the purchase.

Clean your bathroom

The bathroom is the most difficult space to clean – but still, it’s not mission impossible!

Before you jump into floor and wall cleaning, make sure cabinets are organised first. At the same time, thoroughly wipe and disinfect the entire cabinet itself, and its knobs, fronts, and pulls.

With the free time that you have, check for the indispensable toiletries or items you’ll need and discard the rest. Afterwards, clean your bathroom sink and remove clutter from the drain.

Now, don’t forget that you’ll need a partner throughout this entire cleaning process – so, make sure you grab hold of a strong cleaning detergent to wash your bathroom and toilets properly!

Maintaining tidiness in our homes is the key to improved productivity and mental health – which is why we should put in the effort to keep our space clean regularly.

Meanwhile, housemates who have previously gone to rent a service apartment with us will still be able to access our serviced apartments. However, we still need your help in abiding by the imposed rules and measures by the government, so, that everyone’s safety and health is assured of.

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