4 Ways You Can Better Promote Construction Site Safety

It can be challenging to maintain safety at a construction site, especially if there are many workers. Sometimes, all it takes is one person who fails to follow safety measures to sabotage the whole team. Often, people who do not adhere to safety rules do so out of laziness, forgetfulness, or complacency. However, the supervisor of the workplace can set the right tone for construction safety by implementing some measures to encourage the proper safety practices. Here are some things you can do to promote worksite safety:

Reward safe practices

Reinforcements in the form of praise or rewards can condition workers to choose safe habits. These serve as affirmation to the workers so that they know they are doing the right thing. If your worksite has a weekly or monthly award for the best worker, take into account the safety of their actions at the workplace. All these actions send the message to your workers that you place safety as a priority at the construction site. Together, the workplace can cultivate a culture of safety, and encourage each other to keep to safe practices.

Conduct regular safety exercises 

It won’t help to have a rewards or praise system if your workers do not know what to do in the first place. Thus, regular safety exercises are useful to run through the expectations you have of them. Those who have been through safety training courses like the bizSAFE level 2 can help to guide the others who have not gone through formal training. These safety exercises can come in the form of onsite safety briefings, mock emergencies, and spot checks of workers behaviours. This way, workers can be constantly reminded of safe work habits, and be motivated to practice them all the time.

Set an example 

As their supervisor or boss, you should set an example by practising what you preach. If you are telling your workers about safety all the time, you should also make sure your own actions reflect that of safe work habits. Only when you genuinely believe in what you are doing and saying, then will the people around you be influenced. By setting a good example to your workers, they will be more clear on what they should do, and learn to follow in your footsteps.

Invest in safety

You cannot expect your workers to practice safe habits if the equipment itself is malfunctioning – thus, by investing in safety, we mean to invest in things that will help to ensure the safety of your workers. For example, machinery should be kept up to date and in good working order so as to prevent accidents occurring due to a malfunction. The company should also invest in proper protective gear, and ensure there is a sufficient number for all the workers. Going one step further, the employers can also invest in the workers by sending them to training courses that are relevant to their roles, such as the work-at-height course for workers, or forklift operator training courses.

With a few steps, you can develop a culture of safety in your workplace. Build a safe worksite with your workers and make safety a way of life!

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