Party On With These 8 Cool Balloon Decoration Trends

Nothing says “let’s party” more than fun and colourful balloons. Their unique flexibility, beautiful colours, and diverse shapes allow them to be twisted and turned into the most gorgeous displays.

Whether for a birthday or graduation, balloons are some of the most loved decorations. We all love the good old classic balloon, but you can easily go the extra mile and get some special designs for your extra special occasion.

Here are some fresh balloon decoration trends that we absolutely adore right now.

Clear balloons

See-through balloons can have a glass-like appearance and shine like crystal. Add little shrubberies and greens into different-sized clear balloons and watch as your party takes on a fresh modern appeal.

You can even twist and drape green vines around your clear balloons to add some diversity to the textures and colour.

Flower and balloon arches

We’ve all seen a balloon arch, we’ve all seen a flower arch, but have you ever seen a balloon and flower arch? Combine a variety of luscious flowers and balloons from the same colour palette in a gorgeously arranged arch. Perfect for any special event that demands a star-studded entrance like a wedding or graduation. Balloons and flowers are a sure-win combo.

Balloon letters

If you’re planning a day for a special someone (or yourself) like a birthday, get some foil letter and number-shaped balloons to spell out their name and age. What makes them great is that they’re more durable than regular latex balloons, and can be found in metallic colours to give your pictures that glossy sheen.

Photo wall

It has become extremely trendy to have photo displays at weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. A beautiful balloon design idea is to fill off-white balloons with helium and hang ribbons with photos attached to their ends. Give your precious memories the dazzling display they deserve!

Down the aisle

Another great idea is to use helium-filled latex balloons next to the aisle. You can tie them with thin strings onto the floor, which will create the illusion that they are floating in mid-air. The bridal party will walk down the aisle bordered by gracefully floating cloud-like balloons.

The bigger, the better

The sky is the limit when it comes to the size of balloons. Here, you can purchase huge balloons up to 1m across! Get a bunch of balloons of different sizes and create a unique, always vibrant display for your guests to admire.

Balloon wall

A party balloon décor trend that has become increasingly popular amongst celebrities is the balloon wall. Balloons of different shapes and sizes are stuck onto an entire wall, giving endless possibilities for creativity. You can use balloons of the same colour for a sleek look or use contrasting colours and sizes to liven up the aesthetic. There’s literally a rainbow of possibilities.


But sometimes, for those special occasions for that special someone, you really want to let them stand out and know they’re loved. Well, we’ve got you covered with personalised balloons! You can put just about anything on them like names, slogans and well-wishes. They’re even made specific to the event. Pair it with a thoughtful gift in a personalised gift box to really show that you care.

With all these ideas, no doubt you’re spoiled for choice. Don’t worry! No matter which you choose, any of these fun decoration trends will make your special day even more special. Be sure to take lots of photos!

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