COVID-19: Ways To Elevate Your Home Comfort & Leisure

As the COVID-19 pandemic is an outbreak we’ve never experienced before, you’d want your home to be your safe haven for you and your loved ones during these unprecedented times. By implementing changes through interior design, we can design it to elevate its levels of comfort while making space for working and leisure.

1. Set a clear distinction between work and life

For businesses that can make do without going to work physically, working from home is the new normal for most employees. One way is by setting boundaries for areas dedicated solely for work. Having a workplace set up at your favourite area filled with natural light, electric sockets, and ergonomic furniture can make a big difference. Aside from a physical space, it would be best if you only occupied it during your working hours to set a boundary between your two lives.

Colour has a significant role in elevating the luxury interior design of one’s home. Still, it can also have a considerable impact on your mood. Shades of blue and green are no doubt, calming since they resemble the vast blue sky and lush greens of the forest. In contrast, colours with warmer tones like orange and pink are more vibrant and fuller of energy – making you feel more positive. With the combination of these two groups of colours, it can help boost your mood while you get work done.

2. Bring in more natural light and ventilation

If you own a dining table, consider bringing it closer to a window or on the balcony. Usually, balcony spaces in condominiums can be quite limited. If you’re planning to revamp your condominium interior design, you could include a coffee table on the balcony. That way, you have two choices of where to eat your meals.

Another option is by embracing an open-concept layout. Even though your privacy and serenity can be compromised depending on your area, an open-concept arrangement gives off more ventilation and allows more sunlight to pass through. In our sunny island, it also allows the occasional cooling breeze to flow through your home. With the ongoing pandemic, a study by the City and Environment Interaction Journal found that not enough ventilation increases the risk of airborne transmission of COVID-19.

3. Make way for leisure activities

Before COVID-19, most of us regarded our homes as places where we sleep and take a break from the fast-paced city life. Meanwhile, our homes currently serve multiple purposes beyond rest and work. Outdoor gardens have made their way into our homes in the form of potted plants, and the desk is now our makeshift office. It’s like as if our outside activities now occupy spaces in our homes.

If you’ve been taking the time to sweat and stretch in the comfort of your home, then it’s time to equip a chosen area with a rug to accommodate such activities. You could rearrange your furniture to make more central space in the room. While you’re at it, reassess the areas you’ve been spending most of your time in. If the chairs and tables seem dull, spruce it up with throws or cushions.


There are many ways for you to uplift your home. If you want, you can engage in the help of professionals to assist in your home makeover project. We’ve handled a significant number of projects which includes residential and commercial interior design. For beautiful home interiors, you’re always welcome to talk to our designers for ideas on how to inject creativity and personality into your abode, or even a bedroom renovation. We look forward to sharing with you more on our interior design packages.

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