3 Factors That Make Serviced Apartments A Better Option

The moment you book your flight tickets overseas, the next thing you’d probably look out for is your hotel accommodation, right? This usually comes with some sort of pressure, because picking the ideal accommodation can either make or break your holiday mood. If you select the wrong accommodation, then it might make your length of stay uncomfortable.

But since travelling is not an option at the moment, it’s time you open your mind to more possibilities even while staying at home. What other opportunities, you might ask? We’re referring to serviced apartments!

For almost every kind of traveller, short term serviced apartments are a great alternative to your usual hotel stay – especially if you’re looking to spice up your experience! Since you have some time to ponder before embarking on your next trip, here are the top three reasons why you should consider staying in a serviced apartment!

1. It lets you make the most out of your money spent

Holidays are not the time to be frivolous, but you can consider how you’d want to spend your cash. Rather than spending a lot on a 5-star hotel, you can seek cheaper alternatives. Then, you can make the most out of your surplus cash by splurging on food, souvenirs, and whatever you like!

We’re not trying to say that all serviced apartments are affordably priced because there are a variety of factors that influence its cost. What we mean, is that you can get more value for money when you rent a service apartment through the various amenities available for you to use.

Additionally, serviced apartments tend to charge you based on rooms rather than the number of people. With that, you can select an apartment that caters to the size of your group. Meanwhile, with hotels, you might have to book multiple rooms if you travel with many people.

2. Your holiday feels more carefree

Sometimes, travelling with your family can be quite stressful. However, getting an accommodation with the right kind of services can help with that. Shared accommodations are often designed to mimic a home. Hence, it provides ample space for kids to run around, and for you to leave your suitcase open on the floor! In contrast, you might only get a room from your hotel booking.

Our serviced apartments have plenty of shared facilities that differ in each location. With a MasterChef-tier kitchen, well-furnished gym, a BBQ area – you might be pleasantly surprised while exploring the amenities we have to offer. Your trip will definitely seem more enriching and colourful!

3. The ‘home away from home’ feeling

With serviced apartments, you get a large and accommodating room with comfortable furniture as well as a relaxed ambience. Rather than feeling homesick, you might feel as if you’re staying in your new – albeit temporary – home.

There are many reasons as to why serviced apartments resemble a home, but one if it lies in its extraordinary range of facilities offered. For example, you get free access to a laundry area, whereas in hotels, you might need to request for room service.

Once travel restrictions have eased, you can consider giving furnished apartments for rent a try for your short-term stay. For now, you’re still free to explore your options for when you get to travel, but there’s no harm in trying something new. Although there’s nothing wrong with staying in a hotel, you can always give serviced apartments a try!

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