Make The Most From Your Crewed Charter With These 5 Tips

Yacht trips are perfect for many occasions – be it a holiday, a wedding celebration, or even simply for a business occasion.

Not only do you get the entire yacht to yourself, but you can also plan the itinerary with your crew to fit your preferences. At all times, you will have the best views of the coastline and natural surroundings – not to mention having an exceptional and comfortable experience with the crew.

Even though most private yacht charter companies are experienced in providing the ultimate yacht experience to their guests, it’s still important that you take some matter into your own hands. To get the most out of your crewed charter trip, we’ve compiled a few expert tips to note.

Be clear about your expectations

If you have not contacted a yacht charter company just yet, then it’ll be a good idea to first address any questions when sending in your inquiry.

Be extremely specific of what you’re looking for throughout the trip; this will give the crew a clear indication of your needs.

Meanwhile, if you have already settled on a company, then all you have to do is indicate your preferred date, boat, timing, number of pax, and food. When sending in your booking confirmation, you can also provide information that includes food allergies, medical conditions, anchor preferences, privacy needs, and whether you’d like a quiet relaxing holiday or something more upbeat.

Your crew won’t have to guess what your specific needs are, and you’ll be able to enjoy your trip from the get-go. For more information regarding the boat or food provided, you can always give the company a call for a direct and detailed answer.

Itinerary flexibility

Usually, the itinerary is fixed, and there will already be a list of designated places that the captain of the yacht will bring you to.

However, you can still give your input on the type of sceneries you’re looking for, and the itinerary can be slightly adjusted to your liking! So, put together a bucket list of what you’d like to see, or even things you’d like to do and prepare for an exciting trip.

In many cases, the weather doesn’t always play along; you are going to have to be able to adapt accordingly. Or be willing to reroute to a hidden magical spot that your captain suggests.

Talk to the captain

The person in charge of your entire journey, is the captain. It’s therefore extremely important to have an open communication channel with him/her.

You’ll be able to check in with them at the beginning of the day to go over the daily itinerary and perhaps decide whether to change course or where to dock.

Meanwhile, you can fill him/her in on any additional needs you’re looking for, or any issues you’re experiencing onboard – be it a sick individual or faulty equipment.

Adhere to the rules onboard

For your own and guests’ safety, it’s crucial for you to adhere to any rules that are given by the yacht charter company.

This is a vessel with many moving parts and should be treated with care. Thus, comply with the rules and any other safety regulations.

Show appreciation to your crew

Usually, professional crew members from most private boat charter companies have had extensive onboard training – after all, their job is to take care of you and your guests.

The crew boasts a meticulous team of individuals who are always attentive to your needs, ready to make sure each one of your needs is met. Our highly experienced crew has even had the opportunity of hosting high-ranking individuals, from government officials to global CEOs.

Hence, with the great responsibility that they carry and services offered – it’s important that you work hand in hand with the crew. It’s as simple as expressing your thanks with words or even tipping at the end of the trip.

As long as you keep communication open, treat the crew with respect, and follow these tips closely, you’ll have a smooth sail – regardless of the event. Corporate events, family outings to weddings on a boat – anything is possible!

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