3 Ways To Identify Disengaged Employees Within Your Team

When you have employees that are focused and engaged in your business, they will buy into your company’s vision, values, and mission, making them productive colleagues to others who are able to innovate and solve problems at work. However, you may have some employees that are not at all engaged. For instance, some of them could be disengaged with their work that results in poor work performance.

In such scenarios, how do you identify them? More importantly, how do you re-engage with them? Here are a few things that may be affecting them and what they would like you to know.

1. They cut off communication

One of the earliest signs in spotting a disengaged employee is how they cut off communication from you and their colleagues. You may start to notice that they are less active during meetings, with reduced participating and contribution. In such cases, the employee may be going through a personal issue. Reach out for a private talk with them to determine if you can provide any assistance to improve their situation.

However, if the employee is not going through a personal matter, then they could be disengaged. This is where you can reach out to them to talk about issues that are troubling them. Bringing up management or leadership style can be a great way to start the conversation.

2. They are not charged-up to perform

Work performance is an excellent barometer for engagement. However, it is not just about delivering high-quality output. It is also about the determination to do so. Ensure that your staff have all the tools and opportunity to carry out their work properly. In addition, you can train them beforehand so that there is no mistake between the lack of work capacity and disengagement.

A disengaged employee is less likely to care much about the quality of the work that they deliver. They might display less initiative and tend to settle for average work. This can be concerning, especially in areas where you are not well-versed in, such as accounting. Fortunately, there are outsourced companies that provide corporate accounting services so you can always rely for quality work to be delivered.

We offer essential accounting and bookkeeping services to help you keep your financial records in check. We also provide important financial and risk analyses to ensure that your business can move forward in the right direction. Our objective is to help your company remain financially viable while continuing to be competitive in your market space.

3. They are apathetic

When an employee becomes indifferent about their work, they could be showing signs of apathy, which also hints towards disengagement. Your employee could be considering the option of leaving the organisation. In such cases, you may not be able to change their mind in staying as they may continue to be less than productive. For some, the best way out is just to let them go.

Letting go may not only emotionally challenging, it can also be expensive. For instance, the time and funds that go into recruiting and training the employee as well as the considerations you have to make to hire a replacement staffer.

You can avoid these troubles by contracting a firm that specialises in SME accounting services in Singapore. We can help you to cut down on all of your financial costs, especially when it comes to hiring new staffers and vital recruitment services. Most importantly, we ensure that you have all the financial information you need when it comes to such situations, and provide you with knowledge on how to best navigate forward. This way, you can also cut down on the cost of hiring new staffers and recruitment services.

Absenteeism, poor attitude and low energy can affect employee performance and be the reasons behind a disengaged employee. Look into how you can suggest a change in management strategy and leadership to create a work culture that is motivating.

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