3 Ways Learning English Can Boost Career Prospects

Many know the importance of the English language in employment, but a lot underestimate how much of an impact it can bring.

English is used widely in business, politics, and daily conversations all around the globe. It’s the official language in over 50 countries, and in many countries, it’s one of the two languages that are prioritised and taught to children. Therefore, a good grasp of the English language is beneficial for both your personal and professional lives.

As more companies branch out to other countries, the need to hire people who can assimilate seamlessly to other countries grows rapidly, making English fluency vital. Even if you can’t speak their native language in a foreign country, chances are, they’ll know how to speak English. Apart from that, here are 3 reasons why you should learn English to boost your career prospects significantly.

1. Gives you a competitive edge

To be employable, you have to be equipped with relevant skills that many companies are looking for, and that includes speaking the English language well. A high level of English communication skills, with the ability to speak or write English fluently in professional and casual settings, can not only make you employable but also high in demand. Regardless of which industry you’re in, all companies value effective communicators.

In fact, when it comes to looking through applications, hiring managers are more inclined to favour employees who can speak English fluently. Many will even do so at the expense of hiring other employees with better academic credentials as English fluency is not something that can be easily achieved by anyone, making native English speakers high in demand today.

However, despite not being a native English speaker, it’s possible also to reach a high level of fluency that rivals theirs, if not exceeds them.

2. Higher chance to progress and succeed

Knowing how to read, understand, and speak in English is an ideal way to get your foot in the door. To progress, you have to increase your marketability which means you have to put in additional time and effort to learn how to become fluent in both writing and speaking in English.

In the professional world, the truth is that people will judge you based on how well you speak. When you’re fluent in English, you’ll look professional, and this makes you a more valuable asset in the eyes of many companies. When you’re hired, there’s a high chance of you acting as their representative in many meetings and transactions and thus, the more professional you look and handle yourself, the better the hiring company looks.

3. Connect with colleagues

When working in a multinational company, there’s a good chance that English is the most common language used to communicate. Being confident in English allows you to easily communicate with your colleagues, exposing you to new connections and friendships in the workplace. These connections might even come in handy in the future!

Being proficient and fluent in English can open up many opportunities that will help you advance further in your career. We can help you achieve this via our English classes in Singapore. On top of that, we also offer IELTS courses to prepare you for the IELTS examination, the most renowned English test in the world.

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