Carpets: Why You Need To Have Them Cleaned By Professionals

Each carpet is made from a different material, so each requires a different type of cleaning. Wool carpets cannot be washed the same way as synthetic carpets. And cleaning and maintaining them appropriately is essential for making sure the durability of your carpet. In a developed country like Singapore, you can get easy access to cleaning and shampooing services from your local commercial carpet cleaning companies. Listed below are some techniques used by those companies to extend the life of your carpet.

Different Methods of Carpet Cleaning in Singapore

1.     At Home Vacuum Cleaning

The vacuum certainly removes on the top sitting dirt from the carpet, but does not clean deeper layers, nor can it remove stains and oil. Therefore, it is a reliable solution to regular dirt removal, but in the long run, we need to deep clean our carpets by sending them to professionals so they can be deep cleansed and free from germs.

2.     Dry Carpet Shampoo in Singapore

Dry carpet shampoo is the most efficient method of maintaining your carpet. Besides other methods, many commercial cleaning companies in Singapore provide dry carpet cleaning services using this method. During dry shampooing, they remove dirt and grease from carpets without making them wet or sticky. The shampoo used in this technique is water-based, and not oil-based, so it won’t harm the delicate fiber plies of your carpet, providing deep and immediate cleaning. Another benefit of this type of cleaning is that there is no need to grind your carpet or use a dangerous hanging position to drain grease or dry out the water.

The method works by inserting the foam into the delicate fibers, the chemical formulation of the foam dissolves all the grease and dirt with it. Then, when a machine is used to extract the dry shampoo, it also eradicates the filth and wax and is absorbed by the machine, leaving the carpet both fresh and new.

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