3 Ways RFID Tracking Keeps Citizens Safe and Secure

Law enforcement agencies are the first line of defence against crime and disorder in cities worldwide. To do their job, they must naturally use equipment and other assets that serve their needs.

But given the nature of their work, these pieces of equipment inherently include weaponry, communication tools, and other devices and sensitive documents. If any vital equipment or weaponry is ever stolen or misplaced, a whole set of problems can arise, and possibly cause a greater problem in the process.

To combat, mitigate and minimise that possibility, proper tracking of crucial assets and potentially sensitive documents must be implemented and adopted quickly. The use of an RFID asset tracking system solves that problem and it also provides additional benefits along with its implementation.

Read on and discover the primary uses of RFID and how it enhances overall security.

Ease of assets tracking

Police officers use high-value equipment for crime deterrence; hence, the reason why accountability and maintaining them is highly crucial. To ensure that these devices do not get lost and remain in authourised hands, applying RFID tags onto each individual piece allows for easier and automated tracking.

With the use of these tags and an automated RFID inventory management system, only those with proper credentials can gain access to a station’s documents, weaponry, vehicles, evidence, and others. In most cases, this system also includes a feature that enables logging of device usage, maintenance, and other additional important data.

Individual tagging and tracing

Aside from equipment, staff and visitors of the station can be tagged as well. These tags may be used to verify and authenticate employees, officers, and visitors, allowing for a more secure and safe environment free of unknown agents.

While inside the station, their location can be monitored, enabling a bird’s eye view of everyone. This makes it easy to spot potential threats in areas where unauthorized personnel are not allowed.

Enhanced access control

Maintaining tight security is crucial in the police or law enforcement services industry. To preserve it, only authorised personnel must possess the means to access the police service’s assets. By employing RFID technology, the following can be achieved to further heighten security:

  • Ensure only authorised personnel are allowed entry into the station’s premises
  • Assign access levels for each door, garage, and storage unit within the station
  • Provide access to officers for facilities based on their rank and status
  • Enable logging for every facility accessed, producing detailed reports for review if necessary


Safety, accountability, and security are undoubtedly of extreme importance in the police service. With the use of modern technology to further enhance these requirements, the provision of a better service is within reach.

RFID has been proven to be the best solution for it provides a great way to control each and every important aspect in the police service industry. With such a system in place, not only will foreign and unknown agents be deterred, but important assets are also properly tracked, well-documented, and rightfully accessed only by approved individuals.

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